Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Bee...

(Note from Mom:
So as I was getting ready to post tonight, I realized that I never officially hit 'post' and what I wrote last weekend never posted! Ugg! So anyway, sorry for the delay, but that means tonight is a mixture of the last few weeks and double the amount of pictures!)

I have been one busy girl the last few weeks! Lots of exciting new things to see and do...

I've started to explore the big girl potty! I haven't actually went to the bathroom in it yet, but between diaper changes I sit on it like a big girl, just in case I might have to go...right now I'm just getting exposed to it...obviously, mom and dad know I'm still pretty little so they're not pushing it, but we're hoping for some progress before the new baby comes!

Playing playdough on a cold rainy day...I like to mix and mash it, and cut it too

Hangin' out with dad in my bedroom, watching the naughty squirrels outside collecting acorns!

We went to our friend Kyle and Christine's house for supper over the weekend, and I got to play with their daughter Emma. They have some BIG buffalo, so we went for a golf cart ride to find them and I got to feed them some cobs of corn! 

Mom and dad went to the Minnesota State Fair and I stayed at Granny's house one of the 1st day's of the fair. They watched as parents struggled to push strollers around with crying kiddos, and they were thankful they didn't bring me. BUT then...they got a crazy idea that they didn't want me to miss out on all the fun, so they went a 2nd time last weekend and took me along too!!!

I LOVED the fair...I only had a few minor meltdowns when I wanted to get out of my stroller, otherwise I was a great kiddo. I ate french fries, a hot dog, cookies, and sweet corn....mmmmm! I got to see LOTS of animals, like horses, cows, pigs, and sheep. Even though I see them all the time, I think my favorite animal barn was seeing the cows.

Lovin' my french fries:)

Petting a baby lamb...

"Oink, Oink!"
 (Do I have to wear the ears mom and dad?!?!)

Here mom, you wear them:)

Delicious hot dog!

My 1st Sweet Martha's Cookie...

Loved it!
We had so much fun at the fair, I even got to skip my nap by the time we were ready to go home, I was exhausted! Even me, Ms. NEVER cuddle, cuddled with my daddy while we waited for our bus:)

And as soon as we got to our car, I was out for the long haul home! 

I already told you about 1 big change of trying to use the big girl potty...another big adventure mom and dad dove into this week was getting rid of my pacifier. You see it in the picture above on my ride home from the fair, but that was the last time I had it at nap time, and Tuesday night was the last time I had it at bedtime. The 1st night I only screamed bloody murder for 15 minutes, then the 2nd night it was 25 minutes!!!! Luckily, every night since then I've only cried it out for about 5-10 minutes and I'm not reaching for where I think it might be!
Daddy had a hard time letting go of it, because it's one of the last things that makes me still his baby, but I'm a big girl now, especially since I have a little brother or sister coming along...if he or she uses a paci, mom and dad don't want me to feel like the baby 'stole' them from me, so it's better to do it now, long before baby comes:)

Speaking of baby.... Mom is 14 weeks pregnant now. She went to see 1 of the midwives on Friday (Finally!) and is happy to report that baby Dummer is healthy and growing, and had a good, strong heartbeat!

I'll leave you with my favorite picture of the's my tribute to the end of Summer!
Enjoying my final piece of sweet corn:) and LOVIN' every bite of it! 

Happy September...have a great week:)