Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Sunday Again:)
These last few weekends have been jam-packed with family and fun! I've been a busy girl. We celebreated Great Grandma Dummer's upcoming 90th birthday by having a party for her!!! LOTS of people came and I got to play with all kinds of cousin I didn't even know I had!
Happy Bday Grandma...we love ya!
Here's our whole Dummer crew for our side of the family...

Madeline and I loved to play with our balloons and we avoided the crowd and ran into the church library most for much of the party! We are trouble when we get together...just think, a lot more years of growing up together to cause even more:)

On Sunday we had our church sunday school program...Dad was away in Green Bay having fun watching the Packers, so I hung out with Granny and Great Grams while mom had to help with the other kids. Mom says she's never seen me sit so still in church- I was mezmorized by Grams and all her pictures she was drawing for me:) 

After church we tried to sneak a quick picture of the Dummer cousins... I haven't been the most cooperative when it comes to taking pictures lately, but luckily Auntie Lisa let me sit on her lap and then I sort of joined the picture.
Chloe, Connor, Madeline, and me!

Just bein' my silly self at home:) I've always loved to take out every single shoe mom owns, and carry them around the house, but now I've figured out how to put them on my feet, so I think I'm pretty stylin'! 

We kept up the holiday festivities this weekend by having our Spielman family Christmas (which is Grandma Lynn's family)  It's always so nice to see and visit with everyone. I had another fun adventure of playing with my cousins
Although, when I wasn't playing with them, I found a pretty good seat...right by the cookie tray:) 

I colored with Auntie Stacy...

and helped Daddy look for the pickle on the tree...

After the Spielman party, mom and I ventured up to the cities to spend the night at Granny's house and has my first 'Holidazzle' parade experience! It was cold and chaotic with LOTS of people, with I really enjoyed seeing all the characters and lights, so it was worth it:)
Me and mommy, all bundled up! 

Waiting patiently in the crowd for the parade to begin! 

Mom was on crowd control keeping me safe standing between on the people, so Granny was in charge of the camera and got a few good pictures of some of the floats...I thought I'd include just 1...the final float and the (2nd) most important guy of the season...Santa!!!!

In the hussle and bussle of getting all the last minute 'to-do' list items checked off, I hope everyone has an enjoyable week and takes some time to relax...I know I will:) I won't be posting again beforehand, so I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas next weekend!!!!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deck the Halls! (and house:) Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Happy Sunday! 
It's been a busy week around here getting into the Holiday spirit! Unfortunately, not a ton of pictures to show for it, but the tree is up and decorated, the house is decorated, the gifts are bought (but not wrapped) and the cookies are made! WHEW!
Here's a few quick pics from the week...

Our 1st annual cookie day! Mom and dad usually attempt to make a few different kinds of cookies each year, but doing it in the evenings after work has not been ideal because we are all tired, and finding a weekend time when we are all home is next to impossible as well! So, mom recruited Granny and Auntie Heidi and they decided to make a day of it at our's a glimpse

'Helping' Granny mix

This is a about half, or slightly more, of the completed cookies. Aunt Heidi had already taken her share before we took the picture, plus mom and Granny made two more kinds after this! 

Of course I was a SUPER great helper at tasting them:) 

All in all it was a fun productive day...but cookie day is NOT for the weary and weak! Mom was SO exhausted by the end of the day, she went to bed pretty much the same time as me:) Granny too!

I love to color, paint, draw , etc... but today we attempted a 1st (in the house anyway!)- Fingerpainting with no boundaries! We are working on a top secret project for a certain someone's special birthday party. Mom definitely has 'pregnancy brain' because for some crazy reason she thought that this project was going to go somewhat smooth and that I would cooperate with what and how she wanted me to paint:) Yah......Right!
I did have a total blast, which was the most important thing:) I even discovered that paint isn't just fun on paper, but also on my body! Good thing it was washable! It came right off in the bathtub, much to moms enjoyment.

Just getting started...a little green on my hands and the paper 

"This is fun mom! I have a green belly":) 

And this is when it started to get a little out of control:) The red was probably my favorite color, so of course that had to go on my body!
Working and concentrating very intensely on my project.

The least I could do after the mess I made, was help mom get the paint off my body-and I decided I really didn't like it between my toes!  

Baby Update: 26 weeks
We had a check up on Friday and everything looks and sounds good. Mom had a few questions about painful vein trouble she's been having, but of course the answer was that it's just 'part of the process' to deal 3 more months of it:) The pregnancy is going overall pretty well- starting to gain more weight much faster. Baby is very active, escpecially right away in the morning and at bedtime.
Danika has been in LOVE with her baby doll, and any other real babies we will be really fun to see how she interacts with the newest arrival in March- maybe the novelty will wear off once she realizes she can't give this baby away when she's bored with it:)

Have a great week and stay warm!
Danika & Family