Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miss Independent!

As you know from many of my previous posts, I like to make sure mom and dad know that I'm the one in charge- If I don't get my way, I'm not too happy about it! I have been learning though, that sometimes I don't get my way...and I don't like it! So to show my dislike I have been banging my head on the floor! (Lovely, right?) As you can see from the picture below, I quickly get over it and usually put a smile on my face, but not before a nice red mark appears! These are a pretty typical appearance for me these days- Hopefully grow out of this soon~

All tantrums aside, I really am a pretty good kid. I like this independent thing, and I'm bound and determined to show my mom and I dad that I can many things all by myself!
For instance...

I can get my own snack;not just out of the container, but I know exactly where to find it! 

I can read stories all by myself and sometimes Sophie dog is nice enough to sit and listen:) 

I can brush my teeth all by myself! (Well sort of...I used to LOVE when mom brushed them, but now I will only allow it if MY hands are on the toothbrush!)

I can find my own toys- I know what I want to play with and I can dig it out of the cubbies!

I'm starting to understand so much more about playing with things and what their purposed are...for example, I put the animals in their spots in the barn (or usually in the silo!) 

I (try) to put the shapes in the holes...this one is super tricky though because there are 9 different shapes! But I'm starting to understand that's what they are for. 

Besides playing appropriately with most of my actual toys, I've also discovered many other 'toys' that are just as fun, if not even more so!
A few favorites are the dishwasher, tupperware cupboard, pots and pans cupboard, bathroom drawers, and the pantry!
A few shots of me in action:)

Trying to climb for what I want in the pantry:) 

Finally, I got it!

This week my mom and me were on Spring Break which meant no work or daycare. We played, and shopped, and played, and visited dad, and played with sophie, and just hung out! It was exhausting!
I love to 'gently' pat Sophie and give her love:)

We brought my dad lunch and I got to have a special treat...french fries!

All that playin', visiting, and working really pooped me out:) 

Oh ya, PS- I'm a walker! Well, sort of! In just the last week I've ventured on my own a lot and have consistently been taking about 10 steps at a time on my own. I bet in the next week or two I will be walking everywhere! 

Today I started Swimming lessons!!!!
After the trauma of last weekend's waterpark adventure, I wasn't too sure about it, but it turns out I LOVE IT! I was splashing and playing with balls, and I even practiced floating on my back while I rested my head on moms shoulder...there were lots of other friends to play with too! Unfortunately, no pictures of it:( Mom had to fly solo this week and it was nearly impossible to get the both of us in the pool, out of the pool, showered and clothed, let alone get any pictures...SO this week you just get to hear about it and hopefully next week you'll get to see me in action! Something to look forward to:)

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully April comes in with some warmer weather!
Love, Danika

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends, Family and FuN:)

Hello again! It's been a few weeks, so I'm making up for lost time this week with lots of pictures!

I'm pretty much a human garbage disposal these days! My latest and greatest discover that I LOVE are 'jammy sammy's', which are just kind of like breakfast bars. I completely devour them and although they are awfully messy and mom is right behind me with a broom, they are totally worth it:)

We celebrated St. Pattie's Day this week!
Dad always wears his green Pioneer shirts so it wasn't anything special for him, but mom and I pulled out our green clothes to wear for school and daycare! 

I still LOVE my bath time and mom and dad had a little fun making my hair a mohawk during this particular splash fest:)

On Friday night we had a WAY over due playdate with mom and dad's friends Bri and Adam, and Kari and Trent. My oh my how our get togethers have changed in the last few years! We went from no kids, to 1, to 5 in a hurry between our 3 families! It was so good to get together and play with my friends. Hopefully we get to do it LOTS more this summer when mom and Bri and Kari are off of school!
A shot of the whole crew (Can you believe we are actually ALL looking?!?!) 
L to R:
Avaya(2) & Graeden(1), Molly(3) & Max(1), ME (1)

Graeden is just 1 month younger than me so we had fun playing and scootin' around together...Our favorite thing to do was climb up the stairs! Of course, those darn parents of ours had to take our fun away after about the 5th time of going up! I suppose it would help if we could have went down on our own! 

The whole crew playing with my toys! 
Thanks so much Zwiefelhofer's and Davis' for coming over and playing with me!

On Saturday morning, We headed to Warrens, WI for my cousin Connor's bday party! His birthday is March 17th, so St. Patrick's Day is always our theme and pull out our best green for the occasion! We stayed in a cabin with ALL my Dummer family and even went to the waterpark. For as much as I love my bathtime, I decided the waterpark wasn't for me! I think it had a LOT to do with my lack of sleep! The first slide we tried to go down was worse than expected and I got a face full of water, which probably also contributed to my dislike for the waterpark...I start 6 weeks of swim lessons in another week, so let's home I get used to it, otherwise that could be quite an adventure for mom each week!
Anyway, I did enjoy the party festivities and getting to play with my cousins Connor, Chloe, and Madeline.

The first 4 generation picture of me, daddy, grandpa, and great-grandma Dummer 

Playing with Madeline's new doll...I LOVE to play with her! I think we are going to be good buddies;) 

Enjoying some Grandma Dummer time reading a story 

Snugglin' and having a snack with Great-Grandma Spielman:) 

I had a GREAT time! Thank you SO much Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ben for a fun weekend:)

This week NO daycare and NO school for mom! Yay for Spring Break! Looking forward to relaxing, shopping, and playing:)
Have a great week everyone!
Love, Da nika

Monday, March 7, 2011

In like a Lion...

You know the saying about March being like a lion or a lamb? Well, so far, my March is off to being like a Lion! I've been waking up in the night, at least once for pretty much every night the last week. I'm starting to get sick again, so far just a bad cold. My dad has also been sick, so let's hope I don't get it as bad as he was!

I am still very intersted in Sophie's kennel and crawl my way to it any chance I get!

Just enjoying some cereal with my dad:)

I did manage to sneak in some quality time with my dad this past week and weekend, which was great because before we know it, he's going to be super busy at work and working late and on weekends, and then I won't get to see him as much.
We love to play tickle monster...

I was finally getting him back...

I LOVE to stare out the window and see what's going on outside, but especially when my dad is out on the deck too! I just kept pounding on the window trying to get his attention.

And the stairs...oh, the stairs! I hardly even stay content with my toys downstairs for too long, before I decide I want to race up the steps! I can do it really well on my own, and I'm even starting to get the hang of going down, but definitely not quite on my own and dad are usually just a few steps away in case they need to save the day...

I'm not quite big enough to ride my Wheely Bug the correct way yet, so I've made my own way of using it:) I push it backwards and walk all over the living room with it

This is where Danika the Diva (or devil:) comes out! When I don't get my way, or can't get something to go how I want it, I get awfully sassy!
In this particular situation, I pushed the wheely bug into the wall, and couldn't figure out how to get it turned around...

Yep...still not giving up! I can scream as long as it takes to get my way!
(Lord help my mom and dad...they are in for trouble!)

I know, I make it sounds so awful...aside from my 'Lion' like 1st week of March with getting a cold, working on new teeth, running a fever, not getting my way and getting frustrated easily and screaming, I did actually find time this week to put a smile on my face:)

On Sunday, mom and I joined great grandma at her church- today is her birthday so we wanted to spend some time with her and have lunch with her...Happy Birthday Great Grandma Val!

Well, that's my week in a nutshell...although the weather is supposed to be very lion-like this week, hopefully my attitude is not:) Tonight, I was very out of sorts though and was running a fever again, so we'll see!
I hope everyone else is happy and healthy this week!
Love, Danika
(Daren & Jamie too!)