Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello Again!
For this week's post, I'm going to share some of my current favorite things and places...
For starters, the kitchen!
I love to get into every single cupboard I possibly can, and my newest discovery is the baking cupboard...

Mixin' and makin' a cake for my mama! 

I know I've already posted a few different times about my love of playing the piano, but it's still something I love to do...the only difference is that I don't like to just stand there anymore, I have to be sitting on the bench by myself or in a lap. I play from one end of the piano to the other and I've always got both hands going at the same time, and I even sing too!
Future musician?!?! Maybe... 

Singing (and smiling) for the camera... 

I LOVE having visitors at my house and new people to play with (yes, I'm already sick of playing all day everyday with my mom!) This past week my cousin's Dylan and Tyson came to play and visit me for a little bit...Dylan was SO good with me-He'll have to come over more often:-)
Granny's oldest (14) and youngest (16mo.) grandchildren

Another favorite place of mine is to be outside! That's nothing new, but especially now that it's nice, I'm always standing by a door or window telling anyone that will listen "ow-side, ow-side!"
I truly got to experience the great outdoors this weekend for the first time. I don't remember having a bonfire last year cause I was too little, so it was like a first:) Mom, Dad and I camped out at the farm with grandma and grandpa Dummer...we had a bonfire and I even slept in a tent for the first time-and I slept good the whole night through! (That might have had to do wtih the fact that I stayed up at the bonfire until 9:30...way past my bedtime!)
Granny, Great Grandma Val, Bob and Pat also came for the campfire...we roasted hotdogs, marshmallows, and daddy even made popcorn!

Since I'm miss independent, a little chair or somebody's lap just wasn't good enough...I wanted my own big girl campfire chair!
(Hard to tell, but that's a hotdog in my hand that I'm devouring, which dad cooked over the fire for me) 

"More please daddy!" 

Just hangin' out... where else, but outside while dad and grandpa took down the tents in the morning 

I can't remember if I shared this picture yet or not, but if I'm not outside, this is how you can find me any given time around the house... yes, I've mastered the easy door handles in our house! Mom and dad can no longer just close the door and expect me to stay out of a way! I'm quite the explorer, so they get a pretty good workout chasing me around the house and cleaning up my messes:) 

I hope everyone enjoys the warmer week ahead!
Love, Danika

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Summer!

I've put summer into full swing and I'm getting outdoors as much as possible! On Friday, my dad took the day off to help clean the house and stain the deck, but when he got done, we made the most of it and walked to the park together!
 Mom and me going down the hot slide...

Stopping for a drink:)

I spent lots of time at the farm this weekend 'cause Daddy was helping with chores and my cousins Connor and Madeline were here for a visit. We played in the sandbox, took turns on the swing, and even went for a wagon ride:) 

We had a great Father's Day with my daddy! We joined him at the farm for breakfast, went to church, had a picnic lunch at the farm and then we came home and after I took a long and much needed nap, we went out in the boat for the 1st time this summer!
I wasn't too sure about it at first, but after a while, I came around...I like the wind blowing through my hair, and daddy even let me put my feet in the freezing cold water! I didn't mind that it was cold at all:)

Mom tried to upload a video of me playing with my tractor, but for some reason we just can't get our video camera compatable with blogger, so for now, the picture will have to do.
I love to play with my tractor and I make all kinds of "vroom, vroom" sounds when I push it all over the house:)

We finally uploaded the pictures off of daddy's phone, so the pictures of me and daddy in the tractor were from a month or so ago, but still worthy of making the post! I really enjoyed riding in the tractor (for a little while anyway;) especially when daddy let me steer the big wheel!

Miss Independent...I even have my own chair for the deck now that I love to get in and out of over and over again!

And one last laugh...I've rediscovered my toes and I love to put them in my mouth:) Even in my carseat, I pull my shoes off and stick my toes in my mouth! Mom says 'yucky!', but I don't seem to mind:)

One last "Happy Father's Day" to the best dad in the whole world. The last 16 months have been the best having such a caring, playful, giving, and loving daddy!
I'm a lucky little girl, and definitely a daddy's girl:)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This will be short and sweet tonight because mom and dad have unpacking and laundry to do, as well as report cards for mom... That time of year!
In the last week, I've spent quite a bit of time away from home. We went to Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike's last weekend, then Friday through today I had a vacation at the farm with grandma and grandpa, and Auntie Lori too.
Mom and dad went to Chicago for the weekend on a mini vacation, and so that mom could run a half marathon. I've never been away from them for 2 whole days and nights! But much to their disapointment, I didn't even miss them:) I had lots of fun helping with farm chores and playing with cousin Chloe. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my farm vacation because the camera was with mom and dad, but grandma Dummer got a couple cute ones:) The pics today are mostly of the fun I had in Eau Galle last weekend and throughout the week, and a few of mom and dad in Chicago!
Enjoy, and have a great week! Last week of daycare for me, and then SUMMER with mom:)

I wanted to go all the way in the lake!

Lovin' some blueberries! 

Looking at the mama and baby giraffe at Como Zoo! 

Splish, Splash! Testing out my pool this afternoon...The hose water was a little too cold to sit down in, but I loved standing up and splashing around! 

Mom, ready to start the race! 

13.1 exhausting miles later, cooling off in Lake Michigan:) 

Love, Danika