Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lovin' The Great Outdoors!

The weather has FINALLY started to cooperate a little bit with Springtime and I've had lots of opportunities these last 2 weeks to play outside...and no surprise, I love it!
Last weekend I spent some time helping dad, grandpa, and Auntie Lori at the farm. Dad wanted to try out a 4-wheeler ride and we weren't sure if I'd like it, but it was awesome! I got SO mad at mom when she tried to take me off!

Hangin' out with dad in the barn

I've also been dad's little helper around our house. He has been busy adding new bark around the house, so while he was doing that, I was running all over the place in the yard! 

I love my freedom!  

I have many words in my vocabulary (uh-oh, annie, daddy, Amy, Allie, kitty, more, eat) but my favorite word by far, is DOGGY! Amy has a dog at daycare, granny and grandma and grandpa Dummer have both have a doggie, and we have a doggie at home, so I'm obsessed with doggies:) 


Lovin the swing at the farm:)  

I've also discovered this week that I LOVE popcorn! Mom and dad had a movie date and brought home their leftover popcorn, and once they gave me a few pieces, It was love at first bite! They had to pry the bag away from me! 

Well, I'm off today to Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike's house to play and have a sleepover, then mom and dad are taking me to the zoo tomorrow! Should be fun-I love animals!
 I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day:)
Love, Danika

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're Back!

Yes, we're still here:) Just a little, or a lot, behind on posting! I'm thinking this should maybe become an every other week thing, that way if it does happen every week, it will be a treat:)

We've been busy...mostly me now that I'm so mobile! Mom and dad are busy chasing me around, and the camera hasn't been a part of that too much these last 3 weeks! Sad to say, the 8 pictures you're getting today are the only action the camera has seen since Easter! April and May are crazy months for both dad with planting, and mom trying to wrap up the school year, but hopefully once summer comes we'll have lots to share with you!

Anyway...onto what I've been up to these last few weeks!
I continue to grow and change rapidly and I'm doing new things all the time!
My latest and greatest is pointing to various body parts- I usually point to my own toes, but when it comes to eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, I like to find those on other people!
I say 'doggie', 'amy', 'eat' and a variety of others- mom and dad might not know quite what they are yet, but I'm saying a lot!
I LOVE to take my puppy for a walk:)

Enjoying a snack with dad! 

Last weekend mom and I took a drive to La Crosse to meet my newest friend:) Mom's friend Beth and her husband Joel had a baby girl named Emery in February, and we finally got to meet her!
I enjoyed touching and exploring her:) 

Practicing my piano skills! I LOVE to play the piano! 

Today Grandma and Grandpa Dummer, Great Grandma Dummer, and cousin Chloe came to visit me! We played outside a little bit, ate pizza for supper, and played some more inside! I LOVE when I have cousins around to play with! 

Last week was my last week of swimming lessons...for now! I'm signed up for a couple rounds of it again this summer at the outdoor pool in Eau Claire, so let's hope the weather warms up!
Well, I can't think of anything else new to share:) I hope all is well with each and every one of you reading this!
Love Danika