Monday, May 21, 2012

All about Ms. H

Guess who's 2 months old?!?!
This week Haddie gets to steal the blog spotlight!

Where did the last 2 months go? Last Wednesday Haddie turned 2 months old already! She is such a little person and I can't get enough of her smiles and coos! She loves to look and listen to mommy and Danika, and is starting to get more familiar with dad's voice too now that he's able to spend more time wtih her!
At her 2 month well-baby check today she got an A+... she's healthy as can be and growing like a weed!
She is in the 83rd percentile for both her weight and length. She is now 12 pounds 7 oz. and is 23 1/2 inches long. Compared to Danika she is about the same weight at this age, but she is much longer, so maybe she'll be taller than her big sister?
The downside of the check up was she started her rounds of shots:( 3 shots in her little legs... she was not so happy about it...she slept most of the morning and now this afternoon she has been less than happy- not her usual self. Lots of shrieking and shrill cries, which completely breaks my heart! Hopefully tomorrow she's feeling better and not so sore.
Other than the shots, she is such a calm, happy baby girl:) We love our little Ms. H and feel SO blessed every day to have our healthy, happy girls!

She LOVES that thumb! 

Here's some frequently asked questions we've had the last two months:

"Is Haddie a lot like Danika was as a baby?" Yes and no. She has a lot of the same routine things, such as being a good napper and sleeper for the most part, but she already has a different personality. Danika never liked to be held and snuggled from the beginning and Haddie seems to enjoy being rocked to sleep and snuggling:)

"Do Danika and Haddie look alike?"  Not really at all! She has the same little nose and upper lip, but otherwise her eye and face shape are completely different. Plus, she has so much more hair than Danika did at this age! They did both inherate their father's toenails though- sounds wierd and you may be asking how do you know? but trust me, I know! They don't grow out like normal, they grow UP! Yep, up! Poor girls probably aren't going to have much to paint when we have mommy/daughter pedicures when they grow up!

"Do you have to go back to work?" Not for this school year, but yes, I will go back midAugust for the new school year. So I get 5 full months at home with this little bundle and her big sis! Can't believe 2 of those months are already gone! We're going to make the most of the next 3 months, that's for sure. We really debated and talked about me possibly working part time and job sharing in the future, but it just wouldn't have been worth it, and I do love my job and can't imagine not teaching, so we will enjoy our summer's together and be thankful for my teacher's schedule to have as much time at home as I do.

"Does Danika's daycare provider have room for Haddie too?" Yes! Luckily, both girls will be able to go to Amy's house and we love Amy so we are very happy! Danika has a friend named Allie that is only a few weeks younger and it's been so great to watch them grow up there together these last few years...One of my friend/co-workers babies will also be going there in the Fall so Haddie will have a partner in crime too- Good luck Amy!

Daddy and his girls!

Here's a look at Danika's week...
You didn't really think I'd leave her out this week did you?!?!
She's her usual spunky self! LOVING the warm weather so she can play with her water table and be outside as often as possible.

She decided to empty the entire pantry practically and pack it in the cooler for a picnic:)

Catching bubbles! 

Mom and my girls 

Daddy's big girl helper who can do it all by herself:)

That's all for now....
The Dummer Crew

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's Day!

This week Danika spent most of her time with mom!
 We went to the cities and spent the night at granny's for the 1st time since Haddie was born. The 3 of us shared a bedroom so I was nervous how Danika would sleep- luckily, she didn't wake up in the middle of the night when Haddie did...that is, until the 4am wakening- Haddie would not go back to sleep easily, so Danika woke up and neither of us went back to bed!
She wants to be a helper with EVERYTHING, which is good most of the time! She has been saying "I do it myself" a lot, but ever since big cousin Madeline's birthday party, now she's added the "I a big girl" part of everytime I try to get her dressed, open/close a door, get something out of the fridge, put things away, pretty much ANYTHING I do, she says "I do it myself, I a big girl now!"'s the big girl helping me make lasagna for supper!

This independence came in handy when it was time to make Granny and Grandma Lynn's mother's day gifts... We paintined and decorated tin cans as flower pots for them. Danika picked the paint, ribbon, and button colors. With a little guidance, she did them pretty much all by herself! 

Daddy helping put the flowers in the cans... (yes, we're still in our jammies:)

One of the finished products! 

After church we went to a park in Redwing, MN with my family for a picnic. Danika LOVED it. There was a huge playground to play on, various games, and many cousins to play with:) She played so hard, she left with a scratch on her face, a red mark on her arm, and a skinned up knee! One tough kiddo! 

Waving to the boats that went by on the river! 

Swinging with Daddy...SO glad he was able to come! He's just about done planting at work so no more weekends and late nights! (At least until July when pollinating begins!) 

Enjoying dessert with my cousin Collin! 

And of course we can't forget about Ms. Haddie! She's not quite as loud and active as her sister (yet!) so she doesn't get much of the blog spotlight. She is doing terrific. She really is a very mild mannered baby. She is growing SO fast...hard to believe that she'll be 2 months old this week! She really is doing lots of cooing and smiling, and she's even starting to make some giggles at mom and dad:)

Enjoy the HOT weather this week!
The Dummer's

Monday, May 7, 2012

Party Time!

We took advantage of the warmer weather last week and dodged the rain showers and got some play time outside! We went to the park, went for stroller and wagon rides, and Danika did some bike riding, drawing with chalk, and her favorite activity of the week was getting out her water table!

Our 'not so baby' baby girl, Ms. Haddie just hanging out:)

When we were forced indoors because of the rain, we did some projects, including the messy, but much loved shaving cream painting!

Ready and waiting patiently to paint... 

Danika, loved getting down and dirty with the shaving cream... 

And of course she had to take a bath to get it all was some pretty green, gross water when all was said and done! 

All week long Danika was anxiously waiting for "Mada's birday party" Every morning she'd wake up and ask if it was the day- Saturday finally came and we headed to the farm to celebrate cousin Madeline's 3rd Birthday!

Cousins (minus Haddie) waiting to help open presents! 

The birthday girl ready to eat her pink butterfly cake, and a cupcake too! 

Grandma Lynn rocking with the sisters:) 

These two hams had a blast together...most of the time! As with any kids the same age trying to play together, they had a very love/hate relationship...mostly love though:) It's so fun to watch them grow up together- they are 9 months apart in age.  

And this was were Danika and Madeline spent a good portion of the afternoon- On the couch downing an entire bag of potato chips- just the two of them! Uncle MIke and Aunt Lori had a few handfuls, but I'd say the girls had a majority of the bag! 

Auntie Lori with Connor and Haddie:) 

We had a great week, and hope for a rain-free week ahead so Daren can get done with planting and we can look forward to him getting to spend time with his girls:)

The Dummers
Daren, Jamie, Danika and Haddie