Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 6

Another week of life here and gone just like that! We had Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike spend the night and they even brough mom and dad supper, which was such a nice treat! Too bad I wasn't in the greatest mood for them though-hopefully next time I'll be happier and not so crabby:) We also went to visit some friends on Friday night that mom and dad met in their childbirthing class and they just had their baby boy, Elijah, so I got to meet a new friend! Again, too bad I was kinda crabby for the whole visit! I just keep growing and changing! Here I am snoozing in mom and dads bed...After I wake up for my 5- 6am feeding, I like to snuggle with them for a while:) I think I sleep my best next to them!
I got a swing at my baby shower last weekend and here I am enjoying it. Mom and dad thought I'd love it and I do...sometimes, but not all the time! I do love to look at the mobile attached to it though...and of course Sophie dog is laying right next to me- I think even though she's sad that she's lost some of her attention from everyone, she likes me and is kind of protective of me because she's always gotta be in the same room with me:) Dad has been working really hard and not getting home until 6 or 7 at night now that they are busy getting ready to plant the corn. To top off his hard working days, I've decided to really amp up my crabbiness in the evenings. If you come to our house anytime between 6-10pm you'll usually find me crying or screaming. That's no fun for dad because he hardly ever gets to spend time with me when I'm in a good mood! Mom read that my crabiness should peak at 2 months so the bad news is that it could get worse in the next few weeks, but the good news is that then it will be on the downslide and hopefully I can be happy when dad gets home from his long days at work! The picture below is mommy's favorite from this week because precious moments like this are few and far between lately! Me and my daddy both pooped out and taking a snooze snuggling together:)
On a positive note, I've developed somewhat of a routine now all by myself and I've figured out the difference between my days and nights:) The last 5 nights I have slept for 6 hours in a row!
Because of that, I have much more awake time during the day (where I'm actually content and happy!) I've become so much more alert and I look around at everything! I look at mom and dad more now too, but dad has yet to see a real smile! Hopefully soon:)

I just keep growing and and dad always say that it's not possible to love any more than they do for me, but I keep proving them wrong and every day their love keeps growing and growing for me and our bond grows stronger-it's pretty amazing being part of a family:)
Love, Danika

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life of the Party:)

What a week of parties! On Wednesday we celebrated St. Patricks Day. Mom went to the farm for breakfast and got to have green pancakes for cousin Connor's 4th birthday! Then at our house we celebrated when dad got home by wearing green and mom and dad ate Shepards Pie for supper and drank a guinness beer (mom's 1st in 11 months!) and of course we can't forget the green velvet and irish cream cupcakes from mom's favorite bakery:) I can't wait until I get to try them...maybe for my 1st birthday?!?!
We got to wear green again on Saturday for cousin Connor's birthday party!

Mom and dad have been acting a little crazy when it comes to basketball this last week...something about March madness! On Thursday we all dressed up in our badger gear (Thanks to the Kuehls for my badger onesie!) and cheered 'em on. They won so we were excited, but unfortunately they lost their second game..probably because we didn't have our red on!

On Sunday we had another party at our house and guess who it was for?!?! ME! It was a baby shower that mom was supposed to have before I was born, but I came a little early so we had it now, which was great because I got to meet and see again all kinds of special people! Mom's aunts, cousins, grandma, mom and sister were there, and Grandma Lynn and Auntie Lori even came to see me! I got LOTS of nice gifts from everyone and I feel so spoiled and lucky to have such a great family! Grandpa Dave even came over to help Daddy rake the yard while the ladies were inside:) Mommy and Daddy keep saying what great families they have and how blessed they are to have such special people in their lives...I agree!

One of my special gifts was a quilt that Grandma Lynn made for me. It's beautiful and even matches my bedroom.Lots of greens and browns... She's so creative! Now mommy and daddy can use it to meausure my growth and take my picture on it. So here is my first picture on it...I am 5 weeks old! Grandma Chris is also making me my very own special blanket! I can't wait until that one is finished...I sure do have some special grandma's that I love! Speaking of my growth, I went to the Dr. this week and I've gained some weight! Mom and dad new I have filled out a bit and thought maybe I was on the upside of 8 pounds, but guess what?!?! I weight 9lbs. 13oz!!!! That was with no clothes on and a clean diaper so it was all me:) That means I've gained 3 pounds since I was born! Dr. Usher says that must mean I'm a healthy eater! Mom and dad hope I don't gain quite that much weight every month or I'll be a chunk in no time! They already think the carseat is heavy...just wait!

I have a few new happenings to report for the week...
I started to smile at mom and dad, and not just cause I'm gassy! I've only done it 2 or 3 times, but hopefully as I start to do it more often mom or dad can catch me in the act and show you a picture that I really am a happy girl! So bring on the funny faces! Another emotion that mom and dad are not so happy I can show is when I'm sad, I have tears now!
It just breaks their heart when I'm crying and they can't get me to stop and the tears start to well up in my eyes! SO sad:(
I've had a bit of a cold and cough this last week so hopefully that goes away soon. It makes me very crabby at bedtime and the tears come rolling!
Last night was also a big night for me...I'm not sure if it was because I screamed for 2 hours before bed and got tuckered out, or if I was pooped out from all the partying, but I slept for 5 hours last night!!!! However, mommy didn't because she kept checking if I was breathing because I've never slept that long at once! Hopefully it continues!
Thanks for reading my blog and checking in on me:)
Love, Danika

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where did the last month go?!?!

Can you believe I'm a month old already?!?! It has been a worldwind month for mom, dad, and me! We are all learning together and enjoying being a family:) This last week I had a few more firsts...

My first bottle! Dad started giving me a bottle once at night each night this last week so I would get kind of used to it for the weekend. I actually am taking the bottle really well, and still taking mom too. I had a great weekend with Dad while mom was at class both days. We hung out at the farm and I got to spend quality time with grandma and grandpa Dummer, Auntie Lori and Great Grandma Dummer too! Mom was a little crazy Saturday morning leaving me for the first time ever, and not just for a little while, but a whole day! It turned out to be a great weekend though for all of us:)

I also had my first real bath! Guess what?!?! I loved it just as much as my 'sponge' baths. I cried a little at first because I was startled by the water, but then I just layed there and made noises while mom and dad washed me:)

I discovered this week that I like my bumbo chair! I can't totally hold my head up by myself yet so mom and dad stick close by me when they put me in it, but it's still fun to sit in and look around:)

Another highlight of my week was getting to meet two more of my cousins (boys OF course!) My uncle Scott's boys Dylan and Tyson came over to meet me on Friday night...they said they were glad to have a girl cousin now! Dylan is going to be 13 next week-he's my oldest cousin! Mom was teasing him that he should babysit me, because I was so comfortable and cozy snoozing in his arms. He wasn't so sure about that idea though!

Mom and dad have tried to start somewhat of a bedtime 'routine' with me. After I get ready for bed dad reads me a story-this is the best part of my night!

Well, it's been a great 1st month of life! I love my family and friends:) Every day I'm growing and changing so comes home from work every day and wonders where his little newborn girl went?!?! I'm filling out fast and so much more alert! I can't wait until I can smile and laugh and play:) Talk to you next week!

Love, Danika

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 3

This week had it's share of ups and downs...but mostly ups! Let's start with the down and get it out of the way...I still haven't totally figured out the sleeping at night thing yet, so I had a few nights this week where I'd get up and stay up for about an hour and a half, then sleep a half hour, then get up and think I needed to eat again! Mommy was not a happy camper about that! BUT the last few nights I've slept for 3 hour stretches and I've been staying awake between 45 min-1 hour so it's getting better! I have found a time of the day that I don't particularly care for that much and so I like to cry and scream and think I need to eat every half hour every evening between about 6-9pm. Mommy and Daddy get frustrated, but they say it's better at that time than in the middle of the night so they hold me and rock me and sing to me and usually something gets me to calm down eventually! They finally gave in this week and introduced me to a pacifier! What a piece of sucking heaven:) It's great for when I'm fussy, but not hungry... it seems to calm me down a bit. However, mom and dad are kind of worried I've already become an addict, but they are enjoying the benefits of it for now!
Ok, now for all the ups of our week! Last week was daddy's first full week back at work and mom was a little worried how she'd do by herself. Would she go crazy in the house with me? Would she ever get to take a nap? Would we ever get out of the house together without me crying? YES to all of the above:) We did go a little crazy in the house, so everyday last week we tried to get out of the house at least once and that was nice for both of us-I'm getting more and more used to my car seat. In fact, my new favorite thing is going for walks with mom and Sophie (and sometimes we wait for dad to get home and he comes too, but he's been busy and work and not getting home too early!) I LOVE the fresh air and the bouncing and movement of the stroller! Here's a picture of me enjoying my first walk, all bundled up!
I also LOVE bath time! At first, I wasn't so sure about the water on my face and I cried a little bit, but now I just lay there and enjoy being pampered by mom and dad:) Plus, this week my ambilical cord finally fell off so now I can take a real bath (kind of!) instead of just a wet washcloth!
I also LOVE my playmat...or I've discovered it's not so bad anyway- mom used to lay me under there for tummy time or on my back and I wouldnt' really look at anything and I'd cry within the first 5 minutes...but now, I like the music and the blinking lights and I'm content for at least 10 minutes! (On my tummy, 5 minutes is still my max...Hey, I like to see the world and I can't that way!)
I LOVE my cousins! I got to meet 3 more of them this week...all boys of course! They tell me that on mom's side of our family I have 7 boy cousins and I'm the only girl! Yikes! Good thing I've got Chloe and Madeline on dad's side of the family to teach me and play girl stuff with me! Here's me with my cousin Christian holding me and Cameron in the background. I really do like them, I was just kind of hungry when mom and dad were trying to take this picture so it wasn't the best timing!I also got to celebrate my great grandma's 78th birthday with her! Here are our 4 generations-Great Grandma Valerie, Grandma Chris, Mommy and me.
One last highlight of the 3rd week of my life was that I got my first professional pictures taken. Mom and dad went out to lunch before hand and I was SO good...I slept the whole time. Then, mom fed me before it was picture time so I'd be happy, but the thing was, I didnt' get a full tummy! So, on the plus side I was awake for my pictures, BUT on the downside I was a little bit crabby! We still got some cute shots though...Here's a sneak peek at one of them!
Mom insisted I wear this silly hat- She liked it, but I was not the biggest fan, so we didn't get too many shots with it on!
Well, those are the highlights from my 3rd week of life! I've decided I like this life-eat, sleep, cuddle, and hang out with great family and friends...I think I could get used to this!
Next weekend there are two big milestones...I'm going to be 1 month old already! Time flies when you're having fun I guess! And aside from that, Dad will be alone with me from 8-5 both saturday and sunday, as mom has her LAST full weekend of her graduate class (yeah!) I'm super excited for some quality time with my daddy, but I'm not so sure how I'm going to like milk from a bottle instead of mom?!?!?! We're going to practice this week with the bottle and see how it goes... Have a great week everyone:)
Love, Danika