Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break and Easter Fun!

We enjoyed a semi-relaxing week off of work and daycare. Dad even took 1 day off with us too!
Danika took full advantage of the extra time at home and got busy doing things we don't always have time for. For example...
She put on a 'rock star' show:) Complete with a microphone and stage!

Her and dad make a reading corner and read oodles of books together
We took advantage of the somewhat warmer weather and melting snow and got outside to ride bike...
and sidewalk chalk...
(I drew dad on the right, she drew herself on the left:) 
Then we of course, had to dye Easter eggs! 
Haddie has fallen in love with Danika's chair!
She climbs in it and enjoys her milk and snack...
and she climbs in it to enjoy a good book:) 
The Easter bunny knew right where to 'hide' her basket! It was an easy find of course, since it's her favorite place:)
Danika's was in her favorite hiding place, behind the chair.
The Dummer girls and their Easter baskets:) 

Sophie even hit the bunny jackpot with some treats and a new toy in her basket:) Amazing what a clean, decent smelling, infection free mouth will do to re-boost some doggie love!

Onto the traditional Easter, lunch and egg hunt at the farm, and my family at our house for Easter supper...
Our family... 
All 6 cousins in the Dummer/Percy/Brenner families:) 
Grandma and Grandpa with the kiddos!
And great-grandma too!
...and just to prove that it really isn't as smooth as it looks, I had throw in this picture:)
It takes a few hands Dummer clan to coordinate a picture!

 Love when he wears an apron:) My serious cook, ready to cut the ham! 

Getting some Great Grams love! 
This little bunny is hopped out! What a fun-filled day!

And as you can see, there aren't any pictures from this past week because back to work and daycare unfortunately means the camera doesn't get pulled out nearly as often as it should! The girls did start swimming lessons the week of Spring break, so hopefully I can snap a picture of that this week to share!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and melting snow...there really is a Spring on the way!

The Dummer Clan
Daren, Jamie, Danika & Haddie