Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Attention: We have experienced some technical difficulties...

Darn Computers! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but our computer was malfunctioning (we haven't even had it a year yet!) and mom finally had some time to call the tech support people today when I was snoozing...so an hour later after lots of tries, it finally is back up and working so here I am, ready to report on the last two weeks!

 Hard to believe that I'm already 5 months old! Where did the time go? Scary how fast it goes and how much I grow and change every day. There have been many new things and so much excitement since I've written to you all. Lots of new things and 'firsts' to tell you all about... 

Let's start with new places...
I went to my 1st Park! We went to Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls and took a peek at the bears, then I had my first swing ride. Mom wasn't so sure if my head was totally strong enough yet, but I loved it! She gave me gentle pushes and I had a 'perma-smile' the whole time.

Last week I went to Como Zoo with my friends Mollly and Max and mom's friend Kari. I was a really good girl and I studied lots of the animals, but it was a long day for me too! By the time we got to the giraffes, I was pooped out! So, this is the best picture mom got of my 1st zoo!

Last weekend I went to my first t-ball game to watch my cousins Cameron (6) and Collin (4). They both did a great job and it looked like lots of fun...maybe that's something I'll want to do when I get bigger?!?! So many choices of activities and sports to get involved in- good thing I've got some time to think about what I want to do;)

Another place that's not exactly new, but that I've been exploring a bit more is our yard! Dad has been pretty crazy busy at work so last week when I was taking a nap mom decided to try and get the lawn mowed for him...(don't worry, I wasn't neglected, mom had the monitor close at hand and she came in to check on me a few times) I didn't let her get it completely mowed without me, I decided it was time to get up and enjoy the day so I got to sit outside in my bouncy seat while mom finished up. Dad was sure happy when he got home!

Hangin' out on Dad's new 'ornamental' rock
(Thanks to Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike for this one...and to Grandpa and Grandma Dummer for bringing it to our house!)

I also went to Auntie Lori's house last weekend to visit her and have supper at the Panther Drive-In...
yum, yum, nothing beats good old fashioned burgers, cheese curds, onion rings and root beer  (so they tell me anyway!) Auntie Lori's house wasn't a new place, but it was only my 2nd time there and I'm so much more alert now so I was checking things out...In the picture below I'm showing Lori how I can kind of sit on my own (except I like to lean forward to reach for my toys and I end up collapsing!)

Ok, onto 1st for me developmentally...

I LOVE to bare all my weight and stand whenever anyone is holding me, so mom and dad thought it would be a good idea to bring the Jumperoo in the house for me to try out. I really enjoy it! I'm not much of a jumper yet, but it's still something new and different for me and I like being able to 'stand' to play and have my feet touch the carpet.

I also have found my toes! When I'm sitting up with support, I've been able to reach my toes for a while now, but never really when I'm laying on my back (mom and dad blame it on the bulky cloth diapers) When I'm in the middle of a diaper change though and have a bare bottom, I LOVE to grab my toes and they've even made their way to my mouth a time or two briefly...

I continue to roll from my belly to my back, but not the other way yet. Mom is convinced that tummy time is over because within 10 seconds of putting me on my tummy, I roll myself right over!
I'm also a grabbing machine. I've been grabbing and reaching for things for a while now, but mostly just with one hand...within the last week, I've been using both hands to grasp and hold things steady, especially when I'm trying really hard to get something in my mouth!
Too many decisions so I'll just have one for each hand...

My most exciting 1st this week is that I have begun to try cereal!!! Dr. says I can be exclusively breastfed until 6 months, but that's right when mom goes back to work and I start daycare and it's just too many new things at once so mom and dad started introducing it just once a day, in the evening. I didn't know what the heck they were shoving in my mouth and down my throat the first few times, but now when I see the spoon, I open right up...I'm still working on the 'chewing' and swallowing thing. It doesn't really matter how much I'm getting at this point, just that I'm trying to do it!

Well, there you have it! Another fun-filled week (or two) at the Dummer household. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I hope to see you soon:)
Love, Danika

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy (Belated) 4th of July!!!!

It was another fun-filled summer week...Mom and I went for a run everyday (well, I slept most days!) we got together with some good friends and we enjoyed 4 full family days together (hense, why mom is two days late with the post!) My daddy took off from work on Friday and he also had Monday off to celebrate the 4th of July. We spent some time at the pool on Friday, hung out at the farm most of Saturday and Sunday, and cleaned the house and had friends over on Monday. I was too pooped out to watch any fireworks so we didn't do anything too special on the 4th of July...after I went to bed mom and dad could see the fireworks in Altoona from the end of our driveway so they watched for a little while there.

(My first visit to the barn to check out daddy's #2 job:)

The pool was fun, but not the best timing because I was a little delayed in taking my nap that day...so I slept for a good portion of the time we were there... But the time I was awake I had fun kicking and splashing in the water!

Our favorite thing to do on a nice (not humid!) summer night...sit on the porch and hang out as a fam:)
Pooped out from too much fun this week! I LoVe my new giraffe- especially sucking on it and when I fell asleep in my carseat, I wasn't about to give it up!
I've definitely been working on getting some teeth this past week! You can see my two bottom teeth a little bit under my gums. I'm not going to lie, it's a pretty painful experience...all you grown ups reading this should be thankful you don't remember the experience of getting new teeth piercing through your gums- not very pleasant. As a result, it's not really my fault, but I've been SUPER crabby! It just hurts and there were lots of times this week that nothing that mom or dad did would calm me down. I've been up a few extra times at night here and there too.Some people have said that this could be a month long process and we're all just hoping that the month is almost over!
Below: I LOVE to suck on my butterfly wings because we put it in the freezer and they get icy and cold which feels amazing on my sore gums!

Other than new teeth, I'm still a pretty happy baby. I love to look at myself and my mommy and daddy in mirrors, I love to babble, I love to watch Sophie Dog, and I like to put any and all of my toys in my mouth! I found my feet this week too! They haven't made their way to my mouth yet, just my hands, but give me some time...When I'm supported a little bit, I can sit up all by myself and that's when I find my toes- I don't know if it's my chubby legs or my bulky cloth diapers or maybe a combination of both, but I definitely can't reach my feet yet when I'm lying down!
This week I get to have some playdates with friends and meet my daycare lady, Amy. Mom and dad think she's great and I'm looking forward to meeting her too...as sad as I am to say, before you know it mid-August will be here and then it will be time for mom to get her classroom ready and time for me to meet new friends at daycare with Amy!
Have a good, short week and I'll be back at it next week! Who knows, maybe I'll have some teeth to report  about (mom and dad are really wishful thinking here!)
Love, Danika