Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birthday Fun!

For those of you who didn't get to be a part of our great birthday waterpark weekend, here's a recap...
We celebrated Haddie's 1st Birthday!
She was very lady like eating her cake:) Only a little pinch at a time... 
The happy ONE year old!
What a fast year...and yet I can't really remember life before her either:) More to come about the latest and greatest with this baby toddler girl! 
Five crazy grandkids ready to enjoy their birthday cupcakes!
(Next year Miles will be right in with all the craziness too:)
We had a great, relaxing weekend together... (minus Danika throwing up TWICE on Friday night! Crazy wierd bug, but short lived and she was ready to go on Saturday!)
You'll never guess how we started our week.... wait for it...
we shoveled SNOW! Shocked? I think not! I'm sure I can speak for probably anyone reading this right now when I say we are SO ready for Spring around here.
Don't let the smile fool you...he's not enjoying it nearly as much as it looks:) 

Danika has been quite the character lately...she is SO into roll playing right now and full of hilarious conversations and oodles of creativity that I can't begin to understand where she gets it from!
She was pretenting to be "Izzy" the pirate from the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  
Her good friend Allie that used to go to daycare with her from birth until just a few weeks ago is having a birthday this week. Danika wanted to make her a card and so we got to work...
I was on the computer next to her and didn't really notice what she started doing and then all of a sudden she was finished... 
I was a bit shocked (and impressed) when she showed me this! She always tells me "I'm an artist mom- I need to work in my studio" (a.k.a her art easel) 
Conversation about her picture:
Mom: What did you draw Danika?
D: This is me and Allie and we are holding hands beacause we are best friends:)
Melted my heart:)
And Ms. Hadster, the big ONE year old...
Who is Haddie Grace Dummer?!?!
She is currently not a walker...she is nearly a runner! She just goes, and goes, and goes, and then goes so more!
She is generally the happiest baby (when she's not hungry or tired that is) She has a smile on her face nearly ALL the time...
She has to have her thumb and blanky to sleep, and she's usually out in about 2 minutes with that combination:)
She tossed the bottle like a champ and is now completely on cow's milk and only uses sippy cups!
She LOVES: Her independence, clinging to mom and dad, playing with her sister, baby dolls, making noise with objects, making new noises with her mouth, eating ALL the time (seriously, she's hungry about 5 minutes after we finish a meal or snack!)  
She DISLIKES: when Danika sits on her... (Really, it happens more than you'd think!) & when you take something away from her, getting her diaper changed, getting buckled in the carseat, and waiting for food! (pretty much anything that takes away her independence:)
At her 1 year check up she was about average (between the 50-60th percentile) for both her height and weight. She is now 21 pounds...she has tripled her birth weight!
A look back at the Hadster...
Born at  4:52am on March 16th, 2012. She weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches long
1 week                                                                        3 Months

      6 months                                                      9 months
1 YEAR!  
 We are SO blessed and grateful everyday for the amazing life and children that God has blessed us with! There are definitely hard minutes and it's no doubt a 'job', but I wouldn't trade one single tantrum, messy pants, exhausted night, or the tornado that's called house these days for any of it!
Thanks to all of you reading this that have been a part of our lives and making us who we are, and helping to shape our children's lives as well! We love you all:)
Lots of love!
The Dummer's
Daren, Jamie, Ms. D and the Hadster

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Walka, Walka, What?!?!

Ready or not....we've got another walker in the house!
In the last 3-4 days, Haddie just decided she's ready to walk! She went from crawling crazy fast everywhere, to taking just a few steps here and there this week, to all out walking by Friday! It's crazy how she just stands herself up in the middle of the floor and goes! There is a video at the end of the blog this week of our little mover in action:)
Danika enjoyed some special time with her Bitty Baby in matching pajamas that Grandma Lynn made... they even got to have a movie and popcorn party together:)

Now that we have a 3 year old we had to do the quilt comparison... how time flies!
                      3 years old                                                                6 weeks old 

And Ms. Haddie past her final 'monthly' milestone that we'll keep track off... 11 months! She absolutely HATES laying on her back for changing, so why on earth would I expect her to lay still for a picture?!?! 
SO Happy! Showing off her 7 teeth:) 
She has started to really become attached to her blanket...we only let her have it in her crib or car during a nap/bedtime, but if she spots it, she wants it and immediately starts sucking her thumb. Personally, I think it's absolutely adorable, but I hope she grows out of it before she goes to kindergarten:)

A little Saturday painting with dad!


 Danika's had a couple opportunities to enjoy the snow with the warmer temperatures. Here's a couple pictures from being pulled around the sled at daycare...

This was the last day of daycare for her 2 best gal pals, sisters Anna and Allie. Allie and Danika are only 5 weeks apart and have been going to Amy's house together since they were just a few months old. As most 2/3 year olds, they have a love-hate relationship and usually spend most of their time arguing over toys, but overall, Danika really loved her time with both of them...
Well last week, they moved to Minnesota:( Danika had a really out of sorts week because it is SUCH a big change for her at daycare. There are lots of little kiddos, and 1 boy who is a little older than her to play with, but no doubt she has been missing her BFF's!
Today we got lucky and they came to town one last time to clean house, so the girls came over to play for the afternoon...
Anxiously awaiting their arrival!
The girls had a BLAST together. They were here for 4 hours and were non-stop on the go...from jumping on the trampoline, dancing, bouncing with balls- seriously, they were red-faced and out of breath the whole time!
Needless to say, Danika went to bed very early tonight...she was so pooped out!
It will probably be a tough transition to daycare tomorrow, when she has to again, face reality that they will not be there:/
I had a little time out to myself as well this weekend, thanks to daddy daycare:) On Saturday I enjoyed a brunch and baskets class with Lynn and Lori. We created a hanging basket and the gardening team at Down to Earth will nurture and take care of it until late Spring when it's 'grown-up' and beautiful:) (That's the hope anyway!)
Lori working away at her masterpiece... 

Here's a look at my creation...looks a little blah at the moment, but hopefully it will be colorful and full come May! 
Here's the video clip of the Hadster walking around the kitchen...
Have a Happy 1st week of March!!!! (Crazy that it's March already!)
The Dummer's