Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another month...and we're on the move!

Hard to believe it's been a month already. I will apologize in advance for the lack of pictures- you'd think I'd have a lot to share since it's been so long, however my camera has been in permenant residence at school lately taking new pictures of my students and other misc... classroom things, so my own children have had to suffer:) Not to mention I've nearly been a permenant resident at school lately! Such is the beginning of the year...especially since I've been off since March! So between my crazy back to school and single parenting schedule with Daren working nights now while they harvest, it's been crazy around here.
I did manage to get some pictures taken of Haddie this weekend- Our big 6 month old!!! Where did that half a year go? The big 'move' I mentioned is that Haddie is CRAWLING! Look out world (especially Danika's toys!), here she comes. We've had to have some major discussions with D about putting her toys away and out of Haddie's reach... She even tells Haddie "No, No Haddie you might choke!" While she seems to be helpful and concerned about her sister, this crawling business also means that Haddie is constantly getting into her stuff, knocking over and messing up her toys and it makes her quite frustrated and angry!  So far she has been good about telling us "Mom, please move Haddie" if she gets in her way, but there have been a few pushes and shoves...Let the fun begin:)
Other than getting back into the school and daycare routine, there hasn't been too much excitement around here. We celebrated Daren's birthday last week by going out to eat with his family to Texas Roadhouse-his favorite:) We even witnessed him ride the saddle!

Last time I gave you a sneak peek of the dollhouse that we were making for Danika. It's finally complete (has been for a while, but obviously there hasn't been any updating for a while:)
Here are pictures of the process...

 And after the construction, here's my painting/wallpapering job:)
The decor is still a work in progress. We got some nice dolls and a dining room set we like, but the other plastic furniture I bought as a big lot on Ebay and thought I'd be able to spray paint it and make it look like new, but that didn't work so well, so we'll save up and buy her the nicer, but spendier wood pieces for various xmas and birthday giftts, and eventually she'll have a full house:) My (and Danika's) favorite accessory is a mini dog that looks just like the Collie, Penny on the farm. When I took this picture she was M.I.A because Danika plays with her all over the house!

Somebody think's she's ready to stand up in her crib! Yikes...Dad moved her bed down immediately!
Danika, enjoying her free DQ Dilly Bar for finishing her summer reading at the public library 
And my best attempt at 6 month pictures of Haddie...Danika wanted to be a part of it and all Haddie wanted to do was crawl away, so this is the best we got!  

Haddie's 6 month check up isn't until this week so we'll have to wait and see how she's measuring compared to other 6 month olds. I still think she's a little slimmer than Danika was at this age, but she is definitely filling out, especially now that we've started solids-which are going great, by the way:) There isn't anything she's refused yet...a human garbage disposal, just like her big sis!
Well, I hope to bring my camera home this week and get a few more pictures and try to keep up to date with this thing! It's tough stuff picking up the girls then rushing home to walk Sophie, make supper, give baths and then it's practically bed time! As much as I enjoy being back to work, I do miss my girls an awful lot, and treasure my weekend time with them! We are looking forward to Daren being done with harvesting the corn in another week or two so we can enjoy him too! They grow and change so much, even spending time with them today he is noticing how much more Danika is talking about everything and anything and using expressive language, and how Haddie does something new nearly every day and changes in looks.
We hope you are all happy and well too:)
Until next time...
The Dummers