Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Week!

Well, here we are again...another Sunday! We had quite a hectic week around here, so not a lot of pictures to show for it! Dad went to Iowa for work and was gone from Tuesday-Friday and Amy was also on vacation which meant no daycare. So I spent my days at the farm with Grandma and Papa and my nights alone with mom and was really a different routine than usual! BUT...I LOVED getting to play at the farm and even though I missed my daddy lots, I was a pretty good girl for my mom. Since dad was in Iowa already, we decided to make what very well could be our last trek to Ames, Iowa to visit My cousins Connor and Madeline and Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ben. We never really left the house and I was OK with that because we had lots of fun with all kinds of toys and our imaginations:)
Here are just a few (because they are the only!) pictures of our adventures with the Percy's!
Just playin' with the legos..."cheese"!

Mommy and Connor snugglin' on the couch, still trying to wake up for the day!

Danika and Madeline just hangin' out, having a snack together:)

Can't forget about 'fairy Danika'! Madeline had 2 sets of tutus and wands, so we had some fun wearing them around the house and dancing!
A big THANK YOU to the Percy's for having us and feeding us all weekend:) And also to Auntie Lori who also came with us and entertained me for the 4+ hour drives each way! Miss you all already!

In case you didn't know, I have a birthday coming up soon! Hard to believe I'm going to be 2 in just 3 short weeks... mom tried to get some pictures of me to create a bday party invite, but I wasn't so cooperative. I'm really good at saying 'cheese', but not so into looking at the camera and actually smiling with my cheese:) These were the best we got...

Playing with some of my decorations from my 1st bday party 

Mommy: "Danika, how old are you going to be?"
Me: "Two!" (Holding up two fingers...of course not long enough to quite get the shot:) 

Well between vacationing to Iowa, daddy being gone most of the week, mommy teaching an after school class and her being sick all week, that's all the pictures you get from this hectic week... hope you enjoy:)

Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes, believe it or not, we are all alive and well:) Hard to believe it's been nearly a month since we've shared an update with you! We had a wonderful fun and family filled Christmas. I have SO many new things to play with it's overwhelming some days! But I'm not complaining:)

Here I am painting with dad using my new Color Wonder paint set....

Playing with my new kitchen that Santa brought me...
(I love to make soup and hot chocolate and wash my baby clothes in the laundry area...and of course talk on the phone!)

Here I am with my cousins on mom's side of the family...

And with my Dummer cousins... 

Having fun with my silly dad! 

I've been getting lots of good practice being a 'mommy' with my new baby! I love to change her diaper, get her dressed, feed her, push her in the stroller and put her sleep...I'm going to be a great helper with my new baby sister! 

Me and my cousins Chloe and Madeline with our new dolls from Grandma and Grandpa Dummer 

Aside from all the holiday festivites, I've been busy growing up the last month! I've started to go on the big girl potty! Not consistently, but generally at least once a day, so it's a good start...maybe when I see my new baby sister using diapers, I'll realize that they're just for babies and I'm a big girl!

Here I am going on the potty at home for the first time...I was SO proud of myself!

High-Five Dad!

Hangin' out with dad reading books at bedtime (Can you tell we're related?!?!) This was hysterical when mom snapped the picture, we both happened to do the same thing with our hands:) Adorable...I'm definitely a daddys girl.

I've also had another big change since Christmas, and that is moving into my new bedroom and my big girl bed! I LOVE my bed and it's been a pretty good and easy transition (fingers crossed it stays that way!) Once in a while I babble to myself or get up and out of bed to look at books, but I've never tried to come out of my room at bedtime. I also love to jump on mom and dad's bed so they were a little worried that's all I'd do on my new bed, but I haven't!

Baby Update: 32 Weeks...only 8 to go!
Baby is now nearly 4 pounds and about 16.5 inches long already! Hard to believe, but then again, when I look at my belly and remember how I feel every day, it's about right:) From here to the end I'll gain about pound a week (yippee!), so baby's only really half it's birth weight at this point. I haven't had any major issues, just feeling exhausted and fat! Our midwives say I'm measuring right on and everything looks and sounds good, so that's reassuring. Danika was definitely an active kid in the womb, but I can already tell we're in for it with this baby, for as wild as she is in there! Daren has a hard time even feeling the movements because he usually gets jabbed by a foot or elbow and he can't quite get use to that feeling! As Danika told you, she has moved bedrooms so we are getting the nursery ready for the new baby. Not a lot to do or change, just get all the baby clothes and blankets washed and ready! And we keep dodging the name questions from, we are not sharing baby's name until her arrival-sorry! But if it gives you any comfort, we still don't know ourselves what it will be- We have it narrowed down to about 5 names, so we've got some deciding to do!

Well, hopefully you feel in the loop now with the long lost Dummer family:) We'll try not to make it another month before the next post:)
Oh, and just for fun, I added a poll question on the right hand side of the blog for you to answer just to see what people think...when do you think baby will make her arrival? Danika was 9 days early...not sure if that's any predictor, but maybe:)

ps- here's a little extra to the blog...some of you have been asking about our trip to NYC, so here are a few pics to share...

A view of the Empire State Building from the 'Top of the Rock' at Rockafeller Center 

I had to get a picture of this...I dragged Daren into the huge 3 story American Girl doll store to get Danika some clothing accessories for her new baby- he was in utter shock at the madness of moms and their girls and dolls...This place even had a doll hair salon! It was crazy, even for me! 

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge 

A view of the new building that is going up at the World Trade Center 

Have a great week!
Danika, Daren and Jamie