Monday, August 12, 2013

Here we are again... ready to report about our last few weeks!
We continue to pack in as much summer fun as we can.
Papa arranged for the grandkids to have a horse ride with one of the farm helpers, Sarah. Danika was SO excited. I thought she'd be nervous on a 'big' horse since she's only had pony rides before, but she proved me wrong. We had to talk her into letting Daren walk along side her, as long as he didn't hold onto her!
There's a little video clip of the ride at the bottom of the blog...
We headed out for a last minute camping excursion the middle of last week. It's been impossible to find 2 consecutive days that we've had nothing going on, so we finally got it work out and Daren took a few days off work and to Hayward we went. We camped at Lake Chippewa Campground just east of Hayward. It was actually a lot of fun and the girls entertained themselves pretty well.
Danika loved riding her bike around the campsite and loading up the back with her rock collection
The boot got AWFULLY dirty, but Haddie didn't mind at all... 

Camping dinner- (looks like we were feeding 20 people!) 

After we returned from camping, we unpacked, washed clothes, and repacked to head to Mike & Lori's. We stayed there 1 night and then Lori and I headed off for girls weekend, while Daren and the girls stayed with Mike & Miles.
The two littles (Miles & Haddie) hanging out:) 

For this year's girl's weekend with the Dummer/Spielman clan, we went for a sunset cruise on Lake Pepin. It was ABSOLUTELY. BEAUTIFUL. I just love being on the water in general, but the temperature was great and the sunset was amazing.

It was a great trip with great views, great food, great wine, and great camaraderie with the gals!
This weekend was Daren's weekend to help on the farm so we stayed with him and 'helped' too!
Danika loves to be in the barn and doesn't mind getting her boots dirty one bit!
...and of course there is that little perk of M&M's in the barn for helpers:) 
D loves to ride this hot wheels bike around the farm...she is (finally!) starting to get the hang of pedaling and is interested in bike riding.
One last event to share....
The girls and I went blueberry picking today! Danika was a SUPER helper and Haddie, well she helped too...helped EAT them, that is! She was eating huge handfuls of blueberries faster than I could pick them off the trees! 

Finally, my work was becoming counter-productive, so I had to hide my bucket and make Hadster pick the berries off the bushes if she wanted to eat them:) 
 My little cowgirl on her ride...
Love to all...