Monday, May 31, 2010

Back at it

Hi all! So mom has learned she's not much of a multi tasker and when she went back to work 2 weeks ago things got crazy and we missed a week of posting...sorry! Other than forgetting to update you all on how I'm doing, moms first two weeks back have actually been pretty good. I got to spend some great time with both my grandmas who each watched me for 3 days. One of moms friends who has a 1 year old daughter also watched me for 3 days while mom was working, so that was lots of fun going for walks and playing with them! Developmentally, I continue to do new things. I'm still working on how to let my laughs out, but I sure am smiley:) My upper body is getting stronger and I can hold my head up for longer periods of time now, which means tummy time isn't quite so awful...(but it's still not my favorite!)
Other than mom going back to work, the only other big highlight from last week was mom graduating from UWEC with her Master's Degree in Education. She decided to walk through the ceremony so that meant that Grandma Chris, Dad and I had to sit through the ceremony. It ended up lasting 2 1/2 hours!!! But I was actually a really good girl for them!

 Here's our family at my 1st Bonfire at the farm! It was fun...I can't wait until I get to roast hotdogs and marshmallows with them and sleep in a tent too!

This weekend was filled with some other first for me too...My first 4 hour car ride (which actually ended up being 6 door to door!), first trip to the state of Iowa, and my first waterpark! Auntie Lori, Mom and Dad and me went to Iowa to visit the Percy's (Aunt Lisa, Uncle Ben, and cousins Connor and Madeline) They always entertain with fun things to do! We didn't get there until about 11:30pm on Friday night. I was a good girl for the car ride there because it was during most of my usual bedtime so I just slept! The ride home on Sunday wasn't quite as good, but I still was a trooper for such a long trip!
On Saturday we went to the farmers market and science museum in Des Moines, Iowa and then in the afternoon we went back to Ames to the brand new waterpark. Cousin Connor was so excited to go so we decided to tag along too and I actually had a great time! I enjoyed splashing in the water. Below are some of the highlights of our Iowa trip... (Thanks for such a great weekend Percy family! We enjoyed our travels and exploring and all the great food! We hope to do it again before the end of summer! Thanks too for the furniture!)
Me and cousin Madeline who is 1...she LOVES to touch and explore me:) Can't wait until we're a little older and then the 9 months we are apart in age won't seem like too much and we can play together! (Yes we are wearing matching outfits-planned for Easter, not for this particular day, but our moms both happened to put us in them...kind of funny and cute:)

Mom just has just 6 days of school left-4 this week and 2 next week-and guess who gets to babysit me for the rest of those days?!?!!? My DADDY! I'm SO excited and so is dad to hang out with me (and to take a little 'vacation' from work) I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to tell you all about it next week!
Mom is happy about it too...although, as you can see from the pictures below, me and dadddy's favorite thing to do together is sleep! Mom just hopes he wakes up before I do!!!
Above: A little nap at the farm before chores!
Below: Already enjoying our new recliner from Aunt Lisa!

Love and Hugs,

Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Months Old Already!!!

Hello:) Hard to believe on Friday I turned 3 months old! It's gone so fast! Mom put me on the scale on Friday and I weight 14lbs 0oz.! I'm making noises and I have a little bit of a laugh. I can sit up pretty good with some support. I'm still not a fan of tummy time though! I haven't rolled over yet either, but the more I practice the stronger I get!
This past week was kind of crazy busy! Mom had to go to school a few of the days last week to meet the new kindergarteners for next year and get ready to go back this week. It wasn't as relaxing hanging out at home as we had hoped it would be! We also had a big weekend to get ready for and were gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. We were in St. Paul for mom's best friend Danielle's wedding. I got to hang out at the rehearsal dinner on Friday and the brunch on Sunday, but I skipped the wedding festivities and hung out with Grandma Chris-my first overnight away from mom and dad!!! I did just great though:)
Dad brought me to where the wedding was for a few hours so mom could feed and dad were troopers just hanging out while mom was running around taking pictures and getting ready for the wedding!
The newlyweds!
Danielle and Justin Duchemin!
(Yes, another DD and JD)
Mommy and Auntie D:)
Daddy helping Danielle 'win' with the most $$$ for the Dollar Dance!
Overall it was a busy, but crazy weekend and we were happy to be a part of it!
As I said before mom goes back to work this week...Boo Hoo:(
I don't who it's going to be harder for, me or mom...probably mom because I know I'll be in good hands! There are only 3 1/2 weeks of the school year left and then mom and I get to spend all summer together. Grandma Lynn, Grandma Chris, and Daddy are all going to take some time off to watch me for those 3 weeks so I'm looking forward to all that quality time wtih my family:)
Well, I better go-I'm getting a little cranky because I'm ready to eat and that's not something I'm too patient about waiting to do!
Love, Danika

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a week filled with lots of mom time:) My mom, and grandmas and aunts too!
The picture above is the hanging basket that dad put together for mom as her 1st Mother's Day gift from us. So thoughtful! (He's already looking forward to HIS day to celebrate his 1st father's day and has given mom and me lots of 'hints' about things he might want:)
To celebrate Mother's day Grams and Auntie Heidi and my cousins came to church and then we went to lunch together.
(Some of my cousins with me)
We also celebrated Cousin Madeline's 1st birthday at the farm. It was a lot of fun! Daddy and Aunt Stacy helped do wheel-barrel races with cousins Connor and Chloe! So funny to watch! I can't wait until I can do it to! Connor and Chloe tried to make daddy and Aunt Stacy the wheelbarrels too, but that didn't work so good!Next year at this time get-together's at the farm will be interesting with all four of us cousins walking around and causing trouble!
Above: The crazy kids doing their wheelbarrel races!
Below: Madeline is SO excited about her birthday presents!
Cousin Connor and Grandpa loves to snuggle with me:) I was pretty good for both of them (for a little while anyway! I need to get better at not being so fussy when people who love me are holding me!)

Last week was daddy's last super crazy week at work. They finally finished planting corn at their other locations and just have some stuff to finishing up here in Eau Claire so hopefully this week he will be home to see me and play with me before bedtime:) Last week we went to visit grams in Minnesota when Daddy was working. We spent the night at her house and then the next day we went for a walk around Lake Calhoun because it was such a nice day!

And then two days later...

It got freezing cold outside and mom had to scrounge up some warm winter clothes for me!!! Crazy weather!
On Saturday night mom and dad's good friends Nick and Hanna came over to visit and finally meet me:) It was so nice to visit with them! Hanna looks good with me in her arms;)
Well, I hope all you moms had a great Mother's Day!!!! I know I had fun celebrating and spending time with so many great friends and family!
This upcoming week ends mom's time home with me before going back to her kindergarteners for 4 weeks to finish up the school year hoo:( We're going to make the most of our time together and have some fun! I just wish it would warm up so we could play outside more often! Hard to believe I'm going to be 3 months old already...
Love, Danika and Family

Monday, May 3, 2010

"F" is for Family, Friends, and Fun!!!

F is my letter of the week because my week was filled with fun times with my family and friends!
"F" is for Fun: I had lots of fun with mom this week just hanging out at home. I'm learning and doing so many new things. I've discovered my hands and LOVE to put them in my mouth! I also have been sticking my tongue out lately!
 Smiles, smiles, smiles:) I am such a smiley girl (when I'm in a good mood!) I'm full of smiles in the morning!
 I can only stand tummy time for a few minutes, but when I am on my tummy, I'm getting so much stronger! I keep pushing my body up with my hands and my head is getting stronger too! 
 "F" is for Family: Last week my daddy continued to be super busy at work...he left before I woke up in the mornings and he got home after I was in bed at night so I didn't get to see him much...BUT, the week ended great because it rained so on Friday night dad came home before I went to bed and we had a family date night at his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse! Then, he had ALL day Saturday off to spend with us too! It was such a treat;) We went for a walk together with Sophie, went to the Farmer's Market, and played around together!
Another family member I spent some time with last week was my Great Grams. Mom and I went and had lunch with her on Thursday and mom and Grams played some games (what they love to do best together!) Of course Great Grams won! I really enjoyed my time with her and she was so good to me! It must be a special Grandma thing, but I'd be crying and she's start talking to me and I'd calm right down.
"F" is for Friends: Over the weekend, I got to spend some great time with great friends! Some of moms good friends from Tigerton, Kristen and her mom Julie, came to visit us on Sunday. Kristen brought her 4 month old little guy, Dane, to play with me. Of course they were too busy yapping the whole time and they forgot to take a picture of us together!!!! It was so nice of them to make the long drive over to visit us. We miss them already!
On Saturday evening, mom and dad's friends Kari and Trent came over and they brought along their kiddos, my friends Molly and Max. Molly is 2 1/2 and Max is 9 months. We had lots of fun together playing bean bags and grilling out. Molly really likes to play with my daddy so she wanted him to hang out with her on the retaining wall:)
Then Molly decided there was room for mom and me too! So much fun!
We also played duck, duck, goose and Molly showed me how to roll and slide down the hill in our backyard when I get bigger!
See, I told you I had lots of Fun with Family, and Friends this week:)
 If you haven't seen me lately, you won't believe how much I'm growing and changing. I'm not quite as chunky as I was a month ago because I'm lengthening a little bit, but I've still got my chipmunk cheeks:) My facial features are even changing and except for mom's nose, I think I look a lot more like my daddy now!
Have a great week everyone!
Love, Danika and Family