Sunday, January 24, 2010

35 Weeks Pregnant

1 Month To Go!

Mom's favorite, Dessert First cupcakes at the baby shower!Grandma Chris and Collin doing a puzzle together during their visit to mom's classroom.
It's been a busy two weeks at the Dummer household! A baby shower, parent-teacher conferences for mom, visitors, and visiting...Whew! Last saturday moms friends threw her (and me!) a baby shower and we got lots of nice things. I'm most excited for mom and dad to read all the new books the girls got for me! Then, mom's mom (Grandma Chris) brought cousin Collin to her classroom to visit her and the kindergarteners. They had lots of fun and the kindergarteners enjoyed it too! On Wednesday and Thursday mom has the last parent-teacher conferences for the year and by Thursday evening after 24 conferences she was exhausted and could hardly talk! (I didn't help much when I kept sticking my feet in her ribs when she was trying to talk to parents!)
This weekend we had lots of fun visiting Aunt Lisa, Uncle Ben, and cousins Connor and Madeline in Ames, Iowa. We wish they lived closer to us! I can't wait to meet them when I make my arrival within the next month!Connor enjoying his special treat!
Daren, Connor and Madeline just hanging out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Jamie here:) So I started a countdown with my kindergarteners until baby Dummer is due. They are anticipating it, and I want to prepare them in advance for me being gone from the classroom for practically the rest of the school year. Anyway,we were changing the number the other day (27 school days by the way...41 total until our due date!)and this gets the kids minds really thinking about the whole idea of having a baby. After looking very puzzled, one of the boys raised his hand to ask "Mrs. Dummer, how to they get the baby out?" Yikes! Here it was, my first uncomfortable question about the whole concept of having children...BUT, luckily for me, another very 'bright' child who seems to know just about everything said "Duh, Mrs. Dummer pushes it out!" He still looked puzzled, but seemed satisfied enough, so we left it at that!
Yesterday one of my girls asked me "Mrs. Dummer, was Mr. Dummer in your tummy too?!?!" To which I replied "Do you think your mom was in your dad's tummy?" and of course her answer was no, so then she started putting it together I think!
More to come I'm sure!

33 Weeks Prego

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Nursery is Complete!

After two long days of tracing and painting, and painting even more, the nursery is finally complete! Mom and Dad both worked hard on it, and Dad actually enjoyed doing it! The room is pretty much ready for me to come anyday...well, hopefully I don't come yet, but if it happened, they'd be ready for me! When they know if I'll be a boy or girl and give me a name, then on the empty wall they'll put my name with big letters, but otherwise it's ready!