Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi Everyone! Here's a few quick pics from last week. Things at home are going well. I love to 'talk' to my mom and dad and I smile SO much- of course mom never has the camera handy when she should! Below is a picture of me and mom getting ready to go outside for a stroll! I LOVE to be outside so I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up so we can do it more often!
Just hanging out on the lawn!
My daddy has been working harder than ever lately and usually I'm just waking up and ready to eat when he leaves for work and mom is putting me to bed by the time he gets home so we don't get much time together (The joys of Spring and planting in the fields!!) One day last week we had a little bit of time to hang out so we took advantage of it:) I was telling him a story about the lights and music on my star that we're looking at!
When I don't feel like playing around you can usually find mom wearing me. This way she gets some things around the house done and I usually always end up falling asleep because I'm so comfy and cozy next to mom. Believe it or not, I think my favorite thing is when she vacuums when she's wearing me! The humming of the vacuum puts me right to sleep:)
Here's some more quality time with my dad:) I was getting ready for my bath (yes, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and like to be naked, but there was a reason for it this time!) I love to smile and talk to him! I didn't even pee on him! (Like I've been known to do with mom;)
We don't have much planned this week. Dad's busy at work so it's just me and mom at the house all day every day pretty much so if you're ever in the area and want to visit us, we're always around! Mom goes back to work in 3 weeks so we're making the most of our time together! Have a good week everyone!
Love~Danika and Family

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Week Here and Gone!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delayed post! It was a busy Monday! Last week was an eventful one!
Early in the week, we went to Dad's work and had lunch with him. We've done this a few times and it's so much fun! We love our extra time with dad since he's been working so often and so late, plus it's a nice break in his day to get to visit with us! All the Pioneer peeps like to see me and how much I'm growing. Mom and I also got to go to Sam Davey and see her kindergarteners again. Boy oh boy, do those kiddos like to see me (and touch!) After school, the staff had a baby shower for mom and one of her co-workers who is having a baby in May. It was really fun to meet everyone that she works with...I snoozed through the whole baby shower as I was passed around by all the ladies! We got lots of nice gifts and are so thankful to everyone! My not so favorite thing this week was that I had my 2 month checkup. Dr. Usher says I'm looking good and growing as I should be. I'm now 12 lbs. 2 oz. and 22 inches long. That puts me in the 75th Percentile for weight and 50th Percentile for height. Everything went pretty standard during my visit...that is until the nurse came in and jabbed me 3 times in the legs with the vaccinations!!!! I had a shrill cry for about 10 minutes, but then I feel asleep...for a lONG time. That afternoon when I finally woke up, I realized I didn't feel so good and my legs were in lots of pain! Below is a picture of what I looked like pretty much all afternoon. I wasn't screaming, but I was constantly crying for a few hours and just not comfortable! Mom and Dad felt so awful for me...there wasn't much they could do to comfort me, I just kept the tears comin'!

On a much lighter note, I had my baptism on Sunday! What a special day with many of the special people in my family. Below is a picture of me with mom and dad, Pastor Margaret, and my godparents, Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike.
AND...the cutest picture of the week:)
Love, Danika (Daren, Jamie and Sophie too!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Say Cheeeese!!

Hi Everyone! Mom's mission this week was to catch a picture of me smiling and she finally accomplished it! (sort of) I smile all the time lately, but it happens so fast I'm not very cooperative with camera's! Can you believe I'm already 8 weeks old?!?! Where did they go? I've grown and changed so much...I go to the dr. this upcoming week so we'll have to wait and see how much weight I've gained this month. If you recall, at my 1 month checkup I had gained 3 pounds since I was born. Mom and dad are hoping I haven't gained quite that much, but I sure am filling out and becoming quite a chunk!
I LOVE hanging out with my daddy! My night time crabbiness has seemed to fade quite a bit so he gets to hear and experience all my new motions and noises when he gets home from work!
I got to go visit my grandma Chris AGAIN this week!! Unfortunately, it wasn't a pre planned visit and Grandma gave mommy a bit of a health scare, but luckily she seems to be MUCH better. Hopefully one of these days mommy can convince her to move closer to us. If mom can't do it, I will with my adorableness! It will be too much for Grandma to miss out on!
Of course another sleep picture had to be included in this week's blog- It's just the best thing ever when I fall asleep on mom or dad's chest. This day I was so tuckered out I just melted right into mommy! At that moment, there was not a single important thing that mom had to do around the house, other than snuggle with me! (Which we did happily for 2 hours!)
One final picture for the week...
Mom said I was getting to be a 'chunk' and this picture is proof! Of course, the way mom is holding me doesn't help my figure look too flattering, but this is me! Quite a transformation from 8 weeks ago:)

Love, Danika (and Mom, Dad, and Sophie too!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

HOP-py Easter!

What a great weekend of Easter fun filled with family:) Here I am all dressed up for church with my Easter bunny ears on!

For those of you that don't know, Easter is a special holiday for mom and dad because it's when dad surprised mom 4 years ago with a diamond in her Easter basket and asked her to marry him! That day was the beginning of their future together and they thought about the Easter's to come when they'd have a family and a little Daren/Jamie running around...Well, that day has finally come!
Here's our first family Easter picture! I was not too excited about all the pictures being taken and I had enough, so sorry mom and dad, but this is the best you get for this year!On Saturday we had our Easter celebration at the farm with my Dummer family. All my cousins came and we had an Easter egg hunt outside (I'm so excited for next year when I can walk around and look for eggs outisde too with the big kids!) We also got Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa Dummer! Below is a picture of me and all my cousins on dad's side of the family... Chloe and Connor are 4, Madeline is 11 months and I'm 7 weeks old! (They were SO cute taking this picture!!!!)

Earlier in the week I got to visit friends. Mommy and Daddy made some new friends in their childbirthing class when they were preparing to have me...That couple had their baby the beginning of March so I'm 3 weeks older than him. This week, mom and I went to their house for a 'playdate' and a walk because it was so nice outside...Here is a picture of me and my new friend Elijah playing around on the floor (This was too cute...we layed them down next to each other and they both just happen to put their hands out and were facing each other-their little legs and feet were just kickin' and they were making noises....it was like they could sense and were stimulated by each other!)
I also got to meet another new 'boy'friend! Mommy and Daddy's good friends Brianna and Adam had their second child the end of March and his name is Graeden. Unfortunately, they didn't get a picture of us together. When there are 2 kids 6 weeks and under and also an 18 month old, there aren't many chances to sit still and pose! Maybe next time:)

The only other exciting news to share from my week was that I had my first big shopping trip to the Mall of America! I was actually really good! Again, no picture because mommy and Grandma Chris were too busy shopping!But of course being the 1 girl out of 6 grandchildren, I did get spoiled a little!

As far as my development goes, I continue to awe my mom and dad. I'm just so alert and I really focus on things now...I am really good at smiles too! Of course, the camera is never nearby...or mom and dad are just enjoying my smiles too much to look away and get the camera! I had a few nights this week that I slept for about 7 1/2 hours...but it's not consistently that long, although I have slept for 6 hours or more for nearly two weeks straight! As a result I have lots more awake time during the day. I like to look at bright colors and I make all kinds of cooing noises at the things I see too! Well, it's time for me to eat and I'm not too patient when it comes to that so I better go!
Love, Danika and family