Sunday, June 16, 2013

and finally it's....SUMMER break!

My apologies for letting 3 weeks slip by...things have been just slightly busy in the Dummer household. We can FINALLY say that as of this past mid-week, I'm done with school & the girls are done with daycare for the summer, and Daren is finally done planting! I have a couple of workshop days this week, but we have lots of fun Summer adventures ahead of us... Here's a look at the last 3 weeks.
*Disclaimer: What I lack in words this week, I make up for with plenty of pictures:)
Enjoyed a Memorial Day parade
...Got a Frisbee at the parade

...had an ice cream date at Orange Leaf scared of Thunder and crawled in bed with mom & dad 
...posed for a picture together for mom by the beautiful flowers FINALLY blooming:) 
...blew and caught bubbles (this one is relevant pretty much every day!) 
...the sisters are spending quality time together- they are already forming a bond and understanding each other in a way Daren & I may not understand, but only sisters do:) 
...snuggled in jammies, had snacks, and watched cartoons in mom and dads bed 
...blew more bubbles 
...enjoyed some fun with friends 
...watched a few cousins play soccer
(Action shot of Collin bouncing the ball off his head) 
Cameron in action (#4) 
...watched Haddie play soccer too:) 
...spent time with the birthday boy! 
...danced like fools at a wedding (even though we left before the actual dance started:) 

...had a tea party 

No wonder Danika fell asleep on a short, 5 minute drive home, mid-sucker treat and all! I'm posting a video of this below as night she's usually a pretty sound sleeper, but not so much in the car. This was after daycare around 5pm on our drive home. She got a sucker from the grocery store and I tried to pull it out and she's refused to let me take it out of her mouth. She was sleeping SO hard, I finally had to video me trying to get it from her! It's pretty comical!
We had an enjoyable Father's Day today with Daren at the farm...
Danika and Daren took a nice long nap together:) I didn't intend for them to match clothes today, but it was pretty cute when she was helping him with chores to see them as two peas-in-a-pod! 

When it was time to go home Danika wanted to stay and help Daddy with chores. She assured me she would not be in the way and would actually be a helper...Grandma Lynn and Dad were both willing to take there chances, and it sounded like she was a true helper!
Pushing the cart down the walk
Waiting for her next job! 

Daddy and his crazy girls (Seriously, they can't both smile nice at the same time for anything!)
Love to all the dad's present, who have past, and the 'like-a-dad' special guys!
The girls and I are SUPER proud and lucky to have Daren and had a day remembering just how blessed we are!
Love to all,
The Dummers
p.s.- click on the video below to see sleepyhead Danika:)