Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yes, We're still alive and well...

Just busy, busy, busy!!! Between weddings and vacations we have been one busy family in the month of August! I know many of you have mentioned missing the blog updates and mom has felt bad too, there just hasn't been enough time in the days and weeks to sit down and get it done!
Where do I begin?!?!

Here's what we've been up to....
We went to Duluth for 2 days for a mini family vacation. It was a lot of fun! We strolled around downtown, walked by the lake at Canal Park and watched the boats, and of course did a little shopping in all the gift shops:) I got to see Goosebury Falls and I LOVED splashing my feet in the water, even though it was a little cold:)

I also went to the children's museum for the 1st time with mommy and my Auntie's Lisa and Lori and my cousins Connor and Madeline. I played and played and played in the baby area and I loved watching all the big kids play too!

I went to my 1st girl's weekend with my Dummer/Spielman family gals!!! This year Auntie Lori's house was the destination. I got to hang out with mommy, Auntie Lisa and Auntie Lori, Great Aunt Jan, Great Grandma Spielman, Grandma Dummer, Auntie Stacy and my cousins Connor, Madeline and Chloe. We went for a boat ride, lounged around outside, did arts and crafts, and went for a nice supper at Vino in the Valley.

Daddy had some work training last week in Iowa for a few days so mommy and I went to stay with Granny and we helped her go through lots of junk!!!! Years of accumulated garbage that granny, mommy and Auntie Heidi built up! A couple days, a trip to goodwill, and 10 large garbage bags later, Granny's basement was a little more organized!

This weekend we had cousin Jackie's wedding on Friday night and then we spent the weekend at Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike's house. We didn't do too much, but relax and that was much needed!!! We went to Vino in the Valley again for dinner because daddy had never been there before. I eventually fell asleep and mommy, daddy, Lori and Mike had a nice dinner together.
 (Thanks to Auntie Lori and Uncle Mike for having us!)

What's new with me...
I'm 6 months old already!!!! Where the heck did that half a year go?!?!
I can totally sit up on my own now and LOVE to. No more of that laying down to play business!
I love to jump ALL the time in my jumperoo too.
I'm making all kinds of new sounds and babbles...I love to blow bubbles and stick my tongue out.
I've developed quite the little personality already and I grunt when I'm not getting what I want!
I'm really enjoying eating food now too! I've had cereal, avocado, sweet potatoes, peas,carrots, apples and peaches already! So far there hasn't been a food that I don't like (I'm definitely my daddy's daughter!!!)

Last week I spent a half a day with Amy (my daycare provider) and this upcoming week I get to spent 3 half days there to prepare both me and mommy! Then it's back to reality for mom and school starts next week. It will be good for both of us to get into a routine and I'm excited to have some new friends and playmates!
Hopefully the routine helps mom remember to blog weekly:)

I think I covered everything from the last 3 weeks!
I better get wants to spend one of our last full days together and I suppose I better give in- after all, it is her birthday!
 Love you all:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't Blink!

It's unbelievable how fast I'm growing! In just the last two weeks I have continued to learn and discover new things! I can sit up pretty well on my own (with the occasional tipsiness to the side still, but no more leaning totally forward!) I can support my back pretty well and sit straight for a short period of time.

I've also discovered that not only are my toes fun to play with in my hands, but they are SUPER fun to put in my mouth!!!! That's my new favorite activity of the week, especially when I'm in my birthday suit and I can really stretch my legs up to my mouth:)

I mentioned in the last post how I started ceral and that's still going pretty well...Mom and dad have now given me some mushy green stuff (I think they call it avocado) and I actually really enjoy it! I'm becoming a pro at pushing food to the back of my mouth and I am actually swallowing more than I'm spitting back out!

I also continue to want to grab EVERYTHING and anything in site and I use both my hands and try my best to take whatever mom and dad are holding away from them! At Texas Roadhouse the other night, I was determined to get moms water glass from her, so she finally gave in and let me attempt to get a drink (although, nothing went into my mouth, I still enjoyed being a big girl and holding it and putting my mouth on it!) I also surprised my parents the other night when daddy decided to give mommy a break from the bedtime walked in to see how it was going, only to find me holding my bottle all by myself! Yep, I know, I'm learning fast! We've been practicing with a sippy cup this week and I can get a good hold on it and bring it to my mouth, but nothing comes out!!! (I still haven't mastered how to tip it up to get the good stuff!)


I've been enjoying lots of time with my cousins on both sides of my family. When my Auntie Heidi's boys came to visit with Grandma and spend the night, daddy was having just as much fun playing as they were! They all built a fort together and then they sat under there for a long time shining the flashlight and telling stories!

(Me and daddy at Darin and Andi's Wedding last weekend...we were both lookin' super cute so mom had to take advantage of the photo opportunity!)

I also got to meet my daycare provider, Amy this week. I was SO happy to meet her and she even had fun toys for me to play with. I'm so excited to meet the other friends that are there and play with them! There will be 2 girls within a couple months of me so Amy's going to have her hands full with us:) Who knows, maybe I'll make some new best friends! I start daycare part time on August 18th so that me (and mommy) can adjust to a new setting and daily routine. I start full time the week of August 31st...I think it will be good for both mommy to get back to work and for me to play with friends. We are both SO excited!!!!

That's all for this week! Talk to you again soon:)
Love, Danika