Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm lovin' the warmer weather and getting to play outside! In the picture above, I was hanging outside while mom planted flowers. We had a busy week! Lots of visiting and visitors. At the beginning of the week we went to my great grandma and grandpa Spielman's in Hudson to celebrate their anniversary and the whole family was there! I got to play with my cousins and Grandpa Dummer even got some happy snuggle time with me:) I was a pretty good girl, except when bedtime came, I was ready to be done with pictures and all that happy business, I just wanted to sleep!

Above: My 3 cousins and me with Great Grandpa and Grandma Spielman
(Connor 4, Chloe 4, Madeline 1, Me 4 months)
Below: Me and Grandpa Dummer, just checkin' eachother out:)

I've had some unusual fussiness the last week or two that mom and dad have been less than thrilled about...but I guess it comes with the whole package! I might be cutting teeth because I've been exploring my mouth with my tongue and fingers and any toys I can get to fit in it! I still have many happy moments though, which make it all worth it! The last day or two have been much better so maybe I'm on the upswing!
I LOVE to look at myself in the mirror lately- I really like when people I recognize (like mom and dad) are also looking in the mirror because then I see them and giggle.

I've also become so strong and I can now bare my whole body weight on my legs for a little while... so I enjoy 'standing' when someone is holding me!
One of the funnest parts of my week was yesterday when I got to take my 1st boat ride!!! Mom and dad were a little nervous to take me out, but they tested out the life jacket on me at home to see if I'd be a happy camper or not with it on, and it really didn't bother me so we packed up the boat and were off to the lake! It was a little tricky when it came to putting the boat in and getting it out of the water-it would have been nice to have just one more hand to hold me while mom and dad were taking care of the boat, but I just sat in my car seat and waited my turn!
I loved the breeze and the fresh was so much fun and so relaxing that it put me right to sleep! (How anyone could fall asleep in that life jacket, I don't know! Must have been pretty tired!)

Snoozin' in my favorite spot...with my dad:)
Looking forward to another great fun-filled week!
Love, Danika and Family

Monday, June 21, 2010

I LOVE my daddy!

I figured out early on in the 4 shorts months I've been around that I've got the best daddy a girl could ask for. He plays with me, rocks me, spoils me, and gives me unconditional love. I enjoy my time with him SO much and he always puts a smile on my face. It's pretty special for mom to see us together...she never had much of a relationship with her dad and never really knew her grandffathers so Father's Day was just another day; but now she has so much to celebrate! I'm so lucky and blessed to have such a special dad!
I'm also so blessed to have grandpa Dave too! He loves me lots and I love him too...(even though sometimes I have a funny way of showing it when I'm crying when he holds me!)
For Father's Day I got to spend the day with Grandpa and Daddy at the farm. Grandma Lynn grilled burgers and we had a picnic outside.
(Daddy's taking the picture)

Auntie Lori helped calm me down when I was fussy and put me to sleep in her arms:)

I've really been getting so strong! I can hold my head and neck up really well, so I've been enjoying time in my Bumbo chair. I'm definitely reaching and grabbing for things and they tend to go straight for my mouth!

I've also begun to develop a 'relationship' with Sophie...not so much a friendship yet because we're not so sure about each other, but we've starting to explorer one another. Now that I have really started to focus on things, she catches my eye a lot and I stare at her. Sometimes mom and I sit close to her and mom shows me how to pet her gently, but I'm not ready for that yet...when she tries to help me pet her I just want to grab Sophie's hair, and I'm not so sure she likes that! Sophie's never really been around children (as far as mom and dad know anyway) so we're all learning together how me and Soph-dog will interact:)

This week I also rolled over from my tummy to my back (for real this time!) twice in a row! Of course, when mom got the video camera out to try and capture me in the act, I was less than cooperative...maybe someday she'll actually get something good on video and then she can post it on the blog so you can watch me in action!
Well, that's all for now:)
Love, Danika

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy (early) Father's Day!

Even though Father's Day is next Sunday, we celebrated my daddy this weekend. Mommy got him tickets to a Twin's game as a gift and it was Saturday's game against the Braves. She thought she better get them now before Summer gets crazy busy for him at the farm and at Pioneer. He deserved it for being such a great dad! While they went to the game I stayed with Grandma Chris for the evening. 

Target field was pretty neat...It was misting pretty much the whole game, but it was still fun for mom and dad. As much as they love me, it was nice to have an evening out for themselves too:)

On the way home from Minnesota this afternoon, we stopped in Hudson to visit my great grandma and grandpa Spielman. They were happy to see us and it was nice to visit with them. I made Great Grandma feel kind of bad though becaues Every time she'd hold me I would cry, but yet I sat with Great Grandpa for about 20 minutes! (Don't worry Grandma, it's not your fault...I was hungry and tired when it was your turn!)

I have continued this week to find my voice and tell all kinds of stories! I'm getting SO close to rolling over too! Daddy kind of helped me roll from my belly onto my back a few weeks ago, but I can get completely on my side when I'm on my back, but them I'm not sure how to get all the way onto my belly from my side! One of these days soon! I also have really started reaching and grabbing for toys too.

Overall I'm such a good baby! Hard to believe tomorrow I'll be 4 months old! That means time for a check up with Dr. Usher this upcoming week and a few more shots:(
Well, it's past my bedtime so I better get to bed...glad I could FINALLY get a post done on a Sunday like I've been promising-hopefully I can keep up with it next Sunday! Have a good week everyone:)
Love, Danika (and mom and dad)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hi all- So, mom is a little late (again!) with the post, but that's just how life goes! She survived her last week and a half with the kindergarteners. We are both looking forward to spending time together having fun this summer! Although, it's a little bittersweet because I've had a BLAST the last week and a half with my daddy! He took such good care of me. We played, visited mom, and somehow even got things done around the house! (Now mom has to try and keep up with how great he did!) Here we are having fun together!

I've really started to come out of my shell the last few weeks. I giggle and make A LOT of noises! I have lots of stories to tell! I still love kicking and splashing during bathtime too! 

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled summer! We'll be around so give us a call or stop by and visit:)
Love, Danika