Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Sunday...again!
What a wonderful 5 stay at home days I had with mom and dad and a whole bunch of other family members too! Can't believe it's already Sunday, but that's how it goes...time flies when you're having fun.
We started our 1st day off on Wednesday doing some visiting-Daddy went hunting at Great Grandma Val's so mommy and I went to visit Grams for a few hours. Daddy saw a little 4 pointer, but other than that he didn't see anything, and had a pretty unsuccessful hunt this year:(
For Thanksgiving on Thursday we started our day bright and early doing the 'Turkey Trot' 2 mile run/walk. I was pretty good in my stroller, and the weather was nice! Embarassing for mom to say she couldn't handle running the whole 2 miles though, when just 6 months ago she ran a half marathon! BUT...I guess that's what happens when you have a stubborn baby in your belly!
Then we went to the farm and Granny came there too and we feasted with all our Dummer family! I loved playing with cousin Chloe!

On Friday we kicked off the Christmas season by getting our Christmas tree! Granny came along too, so it was a fun experience watching daddy cut down 'the one' and taking the wagon ride to and from the field. When I woke up from my nap and they had it up in the house, I wasn't all that curious or interested in and dad were a little worried I'd bother it and try to take off ornaments, but I think it might all work out and we won't have a tree with ornaments only at the top!

Saturday and Sunday we relaxed as a family and did some other holiday decorating at the house, a little shopping, had the Kuehls over,went to church, visited great grandma Dummer, and recooped from all the festivites!

Here's a few other snapshots from our week...

Yes, I still love to sit on the potty...and yes, I still JUST sit! No potty yet, but after Christmas we will offically start 'training'!  

I hope everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving I said last week, we've got SO much to be thankful for!

Love, The Dummers

Monday, November 21, 2011

SO much to be thankful for!

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I've updated you. No real excuse, just the craziness that is our life at the Dummer household! As we get ready to have a Thanksgiving feast and celebrate, I am going to turn my randomness of pictures into my list of just a few of the many things I am very thankful for!

First and foremost, my daddy! I love him like crazy and I'm so thankful that he's the one that God picked for me! He's the best dad in the world and I love all my special times with him....including (but not limited to!):

Visiting him when he's working in the field... 

Playing ball and dancing with him while we're cleaning out the garage:) 

Surprising him on an early Sunday morning and going for a tractor ride! 

I'm thankful for all the outdoor projects daddy has to I can hang out and be his little helper:) I helped him put up the Christmas lights here...

Helping him dig a hole for our new tree! 

I have SO many special people in my life to be thankful for! I'm thankful for the special time I get with all my grandparents...
Here, grandma and I got to snuggle while we watched papa and daddy plant the new tree! 

(Had to throw a family one in too, because even though daddy's my favorite, I do love my mama lots too:) 

I really LOVE and am thankful for my blankie! Mom and dad tried not to make me 'attached' to any one thing, but it's crazy how it just kinda happens! I love to snuggle with it at any given moment, and you can tell I'm tired when I start rubbing the silky part with my thumb and rubbing it onto my face:) 

I am very thankful for my baby doll. I could probably spend the entire evening at home taking care of her- pushing her in her stroller, changing her diaper, putting her in the cradle...I can tell I'm going to be a great big sister because I'll have lotof practice with my babies:) 

I'm also thankful for all the great books I LOVE to read! I am learning so much and have started to really say the names of the animals and other various things in my books- I love a good story! 

Even though I'm the blogger here, mom and dad have to jump in to and say how very blessed and thankful they are to have me:) (no kidding! ;) Everyday I do something new and amaze them with my cuteness and personality, and they thank God for such an amazing gift of getting to be my parents. Parenting has it's challenges, but the good times make up for every single second of stress:) We can't wait for our family to grow and for my new baby sister to feel the love too!  

 My newest favorite, which I know mom and dad are thankful for since I'm not usually a snuggler, is our special morning new routine when I wake up is to get a snack and some milk, and just relax in bed with mom and dad:)

Baby Update: 24 Weeks (already?!?!)
Not much to is kicking and twisting and turning up a storm! My 2nd ultrasound proved to be normal and that there really shouldn't be any cause for concern about having to have a C-Section, so that's great news! My only 'symptoms' of pregnancy are really how tired I get and a little pain in my right side from the pressure of baby sitting over there, but if that's the most I can complain about, I'm doing pretty good:) Oh, and Daren and I both heard wrong about the weight at our 1st ultrasound, because last week they told us she was just about 1 pound (thank goodness...I was not ready for a 10 pounder like her daddy was!)

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys a few days with their families...I know we will!
Can't wait to 'officially' start the holiday season!
The Dummers

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Well I'm a little belated, but I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I know I had fun...I got to dress up twice in my costume, on Sunday to visit Great Grandma Dummer and then again Monday night for the 'real' deal. I also had another special day that I got to wear orange and black for my party at daycare. We didn't do the whole neighborhood trick or treating thing, we just drove to a few select places of people we wanted to visit.
Here's a few pics of the festivities from the week...

All decked out in orange and black for my daycare party!
(Don't I look so grown up?!?! How did that happen?)

Pebbles, Fred Flinstone, Chloe the Pirate and Great Grandma enjoying some treats!  

Big kiss for grandma! 

Dad and I carved pumpkins, but I was not nearly as interested as last year in the gooey stuff! I was mostly a naked bystander while dad did all the work and mom took pictures:) 

Our last stop on Halloween was at Grandma and Grandpa Dummer's house and by the time I got there, I was ready for pajamas! So grandma got a few 'Flinstone Family' pictures, but we only got a shot of Fred and Wilma with our camera and a seperate one of me:) 

I had lots of other fun the last week or so too... I'm SO interested in books lately; well, I kind of always have been, but I really like to find things and point and say what they are, or have mom or dad tell me what it is and I repeat it 

Just chillin' on the couch reading my own bedtime story:)

This last week dad FINALLY finished up with harvesting at Pioneer and at the farm. It's so great to have my dad home spendin time with me again and I'm SO much happier:) We did make a few ventures to visit him too...there were a few cheeseburgers in the car dinner nights while we had to bring dad supper in the field! 

Me and my hard working daddy! 

Baby Update: 21 Weeks (Almost 22 now!)
This Friday we go back for another ultrasound, this time an inside one to get a better look at the cervix and placenta...we'll hope for good results and a painless visit! Otherwise baby girl continues to move all over the place like crazy. I'm growing so much faster this time (as everyone told me would be the case!) but even the baby is bigger...typically at this point in pregnancy she should be about 1 pound, but unless I heard the dr. incorrectly, she said the baby is already 1 pound, 9 ounces! That's a lot I may be getting my 10 pounder like Daren after all! Yikes! Let's hope she slows down  her growth rate a little bit in the next 4 months! Otherwise I've been feeling good and we are already starting to think of possibly baby names, although we haven't agreeed or decided on 'the one' yet...sorry, we won't be sharing those until her arrival in March! (We had to keep at least something for a surprise!)

Danika and Family