Monday, August 29, 2011


Yes, I've discovered my screaming voice these last few weeks! 
I scream when I'm happy and when I'm sad. I just love to scream (mom and dad, they don't love it so much! Especially when we are in public places:)

"But I want the Packers to win the game!"

Mom had her 10 year class reunion last weekend so Granny came to my house to babysit. We snuck in a quick picture before they left:) 

It was also my mom's birthday on Monday, August 22nd, so we celebrated with one of her favorite desserts...Red velvet cake! YUMMY! 

I've actually been quite a dessert fanatic lately, as it seems we've had lots of it around! Dad was kind enough to share his pie with me, but I ended up eating most if it, and saving him just a few bites:) 

Motivated to do it by myself with my own fork! 

Grandma and Papa transplanted a tree to a new spot at the farm, so we took the opportunity to take a few pictures by it...Hopefully it grows healthy and who knows, maybe you'll see another picture of me by it in 16 more years when we've both grown a lot!  

We are short on pictures for the last two weeks because we've been awfully busy and just haven't taken the time to pull out the camera. I've been going to daycare a little bit here and there so mom can work in her classroom. Today I started going full time again because mom is officially back to school for a long time! (At least until this baby I keep hearing about comes in March!)
The last few weeks I've cried at drop off because I wasn't so sure about going back to daycare, but today it was the opposite...I wouldn't let mom pick me up and I cried when she hauled me out to the car! (A good, and a sad thing for mom!)
New newest favorite is climbing on anything and everything I can! I can get on the couch, the bed, and the high top chairs all by myself, and I think I'm super hilarious when I do it! Not so funny to mom and dad, and probably not me either if I fall...but I haven't learned that lesson yet. I am a full on monkey latley! I've been doing lots of puzzles and I still love to read books...I also am blabbering a lot more these days, and many more words are becoming understandable. Today I put two words together and said "Up Daddy". It was super cute:)

Although it makes my mommy feel kinda left out, she does think it's the cutest thing in the world what a big daddy's girl I am! We are so great together and have so much fun!
I love to read daddy books...he tells me what to find and I usually can point to it, or I'll point to something, and then he tells me what it is:) 

Update on the baby in mom's belly:
Mom is 12 weeks pregnant, and finally starting to not be so nauseous...although she's still extremely exhausted and tired all the time (That could just be from chasing me around huh?!?! Or getting her classroom ready!) Hopefully those 25 kindergarteners don't wear her out too much. She told daddy that she'd be going to bed the same time as me probably the whole month of September until things settle down into routines at school:)
Baby is 3 inches long and about 4/5 of an ounce. He/She gets their fingernails and toenails this week too! Although they say it's way too early, mom swears she's felt a few little flutters in her belly...the way she's growing so fast this time, who knows, maybe she's further along than we think:) (Let's hope not...I want my precious 1on 2 time with just me and mom and dad.)The next Dr. appointment isn't until September 9th so we have to wait until then to hear baby's heartbeat and know for sure that everything is OK.

We hope that everyone is doing great!
Love, Danika and Family

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lots of Growing!

Another 2 weeks has passed and here we are, blogging on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Today, I am 18 months old! A whole year and a half...Can you believe it? I have changed so much over time, but most especially in just the past 6 months since my 1st birthday.
18 Months


  Here are a few of my current favorite likes, dislikes, words, etc...
Likes: sliding, swinging, splashing in my water table, bathtime, my daddy, my Auntie Lori, running, peek-a-boo, 'Ring Around the Rosie', being tickled, reading books, playing with friends, stacking blocks, sorting shapes, telling stories, jumping on the bed, anything that goes 'vroom, vroom' intrigues me! Favorite foods are still lots of fruit (mostly berries), anything with noodles, and sweet corn!
Dislikes: There aren't too many things I don't like, but I'm definitely at that age when I've got to do things my way! I don't like when people leave me alone in a room unless I initiate it, holding hands, getting my hands or feet dirty,  or being told 'no'.
Words I use often: Daddy, pup-pup or doggy, woof, up, eye, no, ow-side (outside), hi, see ya, bye-bye, eat, vroom, papa, yeah, cheese, uh-oh, mama, yum-yum, and I am beginning to mimic many words I hear, but these are the words I say over and over again!

Here's a look at what I've been up to the last few weeks...


I don't know about these fountains... 

Okay-deciced I TOTALLY love them! 

A summertime favorite at our house and a 1st for me, but definitely a favorite!
I LOVE sweet corn:) 


My Auntie Heidi's boys came for a visit... 

We made the trek to Iowa last weekend to visit my Percy cousins
We had lots of fun at a few different parks
Swinging with daddy and Connor... 


Connor, me, and Madeline going for an airplane ride! 

Yes, this blog is all about me:) BUT...since we're talking about things growing, it's only fair and time to share the spotlight from now on with something, or should I say someone, else that is growing....

did you guess yet?!?!

There is a a baby in my mommy's belly. I don't really know what that means yet, but when mom or dad ask me where the baby is, I point to my own belly:)
(So, I've got 7 months to figure it out!)

Baby Dummer is in week 11 of growth and is about the size of a fig. He or she is also about an inch and a half long and by week's end will be almost fully formed already! Mom has been feeling exhausted! Probably because this time around she's not resting as much with a busy 18 month old like me to keep up with:) She's also been really nauseous, but thankfully, that is starting to subside a little bit. Mom and dad are SO excited about this next adventure in our lives and growing our family. My baby brother or sister will be here somewhere around March 14th,2012.... we will keep you updated along the way!

Love, Danika, Daren & Jamie ( and I guess baby #2 too!)