Sunday, January 27, 2013

Danika Home-anika

If you didn't get it, the title is a knock off of 'Becky Homecky' :)
We had a fun week of doing activities in the house trying to stay warm! Danika helped make a cake, do some Valentine's Day art projects to decorate the house, and made homemade play dough....
But before we get to all that...Somebody not so little anymore turned 10 months old on January 16th!
My mom says she's starting to look more like me, but I'm still convinced that she is 100% a Daren copy cat, especially looking at baby pictures of Daren, but even her personality is him. Danika was more of a sassy pants from the get go, and continues to be a bit theatrical (no, really?) just like yours truly when I was younger:) But the Hadster is so mellow, and laid back with a giant smile on her face, just like her dad most of the time.

So back to the Danika Home-anika (a.k.a Becky Homecky)
She has been very interested in being a helper and has a bit more focus to help from start to finish with things, so I decided that this bitterly cold week would be a good one to have some fun in the kitchen.
First off, when Daren was gone for a week in Iowa for work, we decided that we would make him a 'Welcome Home' cake.  
So we slung on the apron and got to work mixing and pouring:)

....and she was working so hard she ended up with a sleeve full of cake dough! A hazard of the job I guess:)

We also did some Valentine Painting. I only had red and white paint so the 1st job was to mix them to make her favorite color, pink. Luckily, it's a Valentine color so she went crazy with it and her art work turned out very seasonal:)

We did a version of 'marble' painting, but we used balls we had around the house and painted on doilies.

And then we rolled paint with various design rollers...She was concentrating so hard on making them just right.

Since Haddie isn't quite at the cooking/artist/helper phase of life yet, she just roams around getting into mischief these days...her newest favorite activity is to find the wipes, NO MATTER where I think I've hidden the container, she finds it, and pulls every. single. wipe. Then if I still haven't caught her, she proceeds to try and put them in her mouth. I'm onto her little game though and ruining all her fun! (Except when I get the camera before I take them away:)

Today we made some play dough for my classroom and as an added 'helper' bonus, we made extra for her to keep at home and I let her choose the color. I'll give you 1 guess the color she picked?
What's that? You think Pink? WOW how did you guess:)
I was told when I put the food coloring in that it wasn't pink enough, so we had to mix a bit more coloring and kool-aid to get the right color. The cherry on top, well actually the glitter on top, was getting to put pink glitter in the play dough too!

Kneading the finished product:) 
That's the latest and greatest happenings at the Dummer household.
We hope you are all staying warm and safe in this winter wonderland we've had lately!
Jamie, Daren, Danika & Haddie

Monday, January 14, 2013

Short and sweet...Just like Ms.D and Hadster!

I thought I better blog a little, but as I'm sitting here ready to upload, I realize I have 1 picture from our entire week...yep, just 1.
Having a Packer party with Grandma Lynn and Grandpa at the farm- Although it didn't seem to be very luck for the Pack did it?!?!

Oh wait...don't see a picture? As I've been trying to upload the ONE picture for 20 minutes, I decided to give up so I guess you get none:)
The time just gets away from me and I don't get out my camera as often as I want or should.
So I thought since I don't have much to blog about and we're getting way too close to Danika's 3rd birthday (how did that happen?!?!) I would share a few of her latest and greatest quotes. I usually write down the funny things she says in her baby book, but it's hard to keep up these days. She is really mocking what she hears around her either from us, or other kids at daycare. Luckily, it's funny coming from an almost 3 year old:)
"I can't believe it!"
"It's not fair"
"Coooome ooooon!"
When I told her we were going to watch my nephew wrestle at a wrestling match she very confidently replied back to me "Then it's you and me's turn to wrestle 'cause I'm strong" :)
"Is it for we (us)?"
"Mom/Dad, just stop"
"Hey, what's going on here?"
As you know from previous posts Danika is very into imaginative play, especially with her babies. While changing her babies diaper she said "Oh baby, that's disgusting!"
She never seems to surprise us anymore:)
Well, that's the short and sweet blog for the week-
Time for me to get something done around this house! Daren is in Iowa this week for work so I'm doing the single mom thing...wish me luck:)
Happy New Year!
The Dummers