Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes it's true, I'm 8 months old already!!!

Can you believe it? My oh my, how time flies when you're having fun!
What a busy, exciting, hectic, chaotic, memborable, and lovable 8 months:)
Here's a little info about me these days:
Likes: Playing Peek-a-boo, getting tickled under my chin or on the bottoms of my feet, jumping in my jump-eroo, and chewing on EVERYTHING!
Dislikes: Getting my face wiped after a meal, getting the boogies sucked out of my nose (who does?!?!) and being left alone in a room (I'm usually pretty good about not being held, but I like to have people in my view)
What I'm Up To: I am still working on crawling, mostly just rocking back and forth, or scooching backwards (so much for the 10 day prediction on that one!) I can push myself up on short things, but not bring myself all the way up on my feet yet. Not only am I working on two bottom teeth, there is now one on the top that keeps showing up and going away-hopefully one of these days they actually make a full appearance in my mouth! I'm still eating pretty mushy baby food-without any teeth and not crawling, mom's a little skeptical to start me on any table food yet. BUT, I do love most of my baby food-my favorites are anything with pears, carrot tomato lunch, and mommy's homemade beef, sweet potato, and tomato dinner...yum, yum:) I've also started having some yogurt at breakfast time and I love that too!

It has been busy around the Dummer household! Both of the last two weekends we went to Minnesota to help my granny move a few things last weekend and to a wedding this weekend. One of the biggest things that needed to be moved was Granny's came to our house:) It was my great, great Grandma Grace's piano so it's a really special part of our family and mom is so excited to have it (I guess that means she better learn to play with more than one hand!)
Daddy and his friend Nick had to carry it out of granny's basement and slightly up a hill and into the trailer. I learned that piano's are not very light! They both were ready to be done with it!

Then, Grandpa and Dad's friend Josh came over to our house the next day and helped Daddy carry it in. We didnt' know where to put it, so we decided temporarily on the living room...even though it's a small space, it actually looks okay and just might be staying there:)
Above: Daddy showing me his piano skills
Below: Takin' a seat on top for a photo!

Last weekend I also got to celebrate my Great Aunt Imogene and Great Uncle Lawrence's birthdays! It was fun to see friends and family.
I love getting to see Aunt Imogene most Sundays' at church!

Hanging out with my cousin Sarah Grace!
 Too bad we didn't live closer- I'd like to ship mom and dad off for a date so I could play with her as a babysitter:)

Unfortunately, I have been one sick girl the last few weeks...well, nearly 3 to be exact! It started as a little cold and has really escalated to a pretty nasty cold! I've been so congested and stuffed up and lots of coughs. Surprisingly, I've been a pretty happy girl through it all. I'm finally started to get that yucky stuff out of me, so hopefully I get better soon. Just the last few days my eyes have even started draining so when I wake up from naps and in the morning, my eyes are practically crusted shut:/ That part is no fun!! My eyes have been kind of swollen today too- it's hard work being sick so I've been pretty tired too. Usually I'm not much of a cuddler, but since I've been sick that has changed (temporarily...I don't want mom and dad to get too used to it;)
Mom had to take advantage of the snuggle time today and instead of putting me down for my nap, we just sat and snuggled for a while... I just melted right into her arms:)

Yesterday the last of daddys' best college friends got married. (Chris) I got to go to the rehearsal and dinner on Friday night, but with the way I was feeling mom and dad thought I better just hang out with granny and skip out on the wedding it gave mom and dad a night out together, which doesn't happen very often. Here's a pic of some of the college crew together at the reception.
(L-R: Kristen, Hanna, Ian, Kuehl, Mom, Jake, Steve, Zach, Tyler, and Dad)

Just hangin' out riding shotgun in daddy's truck (just for pretend!) I feel like such a big girl up there! It's a much better view then the back of the seat. 
Halloween is coming up and while I can't give away and reveal what I'm going to be (look for pictures next weekend:) I do know that I will be doing some trick-or-treating for the 1st time! I even get to have a party at daycare on Friday! This sounds like a fun holiday! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Todays' blog brought to you by the #10!

Happy 10-10-10! In honor of this once in a century milestone, I thought I'd bring it into my message today:)
 Sorry I didn't post a blog last week...time got away from us and it seems like there just isn't any downtime around here. So what's new in the Dummer household?!?! Well, Dad is still working nights while they are combining corn at Pioneer. He goes to work around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and gets home around 3am-sometimes later:/  Yep, you guessed it, that means that I haven't really seen him at all the last 2 weeks! I say goodbye when I leave for daycare in the morning and he tries to wake up to see me, but that's right about when he's in his deepest sleep. Friday night he didn't end up having to work so we got to spend a little time together. That was wonderful! I miss my daddy! He's been hard at work for about TEN days now and there are probably about another TEN to go!
Last week Grandpa Lynn and Grandpa Dave watched my cousins Connor and Madeline while their mom and dad were in France. Connor wanted to come hang out in Kindergarten with mom for a day, but he decided he only wanted to come for an hour...but of course, once he got there he has tons of's a quick list of TEN things he did at kindergarten: played on the school playground, ate a snack, played with the doll house, did a puzzle, listened to a story, met new friends, made a letter/word 'office' project, drew a picture, sang a few songs, and played a game..WHEW!!!! That was a lot of stuff to cram in an hour and a half, but it was a fun afternoon (well, I wasn't there, but that's what I hear:)

Last weekend when the weather was cooler I had to really bundle up, especially because mom and I headed to an outdoor wedding. It was at least TEN degrees cooler than the average for this time of year... (even though this weekend was at least TEN degrees above average!)I'm not so sure about this socks and shoes business...I like to be barefoot!! For now, I'm satisfied with taking my shoes off and chewing on them (mom will probably only let this last before she ruins all my fun while my shoes are clean in my pre-walking stage:)

Mom's co-workers wedding

  Both last weekend and this weekend mom and I made the trek to Minnesota to help granny move. Let me tell you, it is a true undertaking to get her packed and moved...although, it's not really her fault, it's more mommy and auntie Heidi's fault for storing all their junk at her house for nearly TEN years! Anyway, we've made so much progress and the movers got all her big stuff moved on Friday so now she is able to stay at her new place...the best thing about this move is that now she's 30 minutes closer to me!! I hope that means I'll get to see her more often:)

I was a big helper (well, kind of!) but I did like all the paper they kept throwing on the floor when they unwrapped the dishes! It made such crunchy sounds.  
This movin' business is hard work...time to take a break:)
Saturday was also Granny's birthday (not a fun birthday for Granny to have to be moving!) BUT we did take a break for lunch and great-grandma and great aunt Julie also came up to go out to lunch with us. I enjoyed playing with great-grams while mom, Julie, and granny loaded up the truck and van with more stuff... We probably easily brought TEN more boxes over to her new place. 

I'm still such a happy baby pretty much all the time...although mom is convinced that my teeth are coming for real this time! They've been saying that for months, but I'm really drooly, chewing on everything and obsessed with putting my hands in my mouth and really biting them! No fever or messy pants (which everyone tells mom and dad are precursers to teething!) but my gums are red and bumpy. Mom predicts that within the next TEN days I will have my bottom teeth:) Whether she's right or not, I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
I'm still not crawling (forwards anyway) but I do scooch backwards a lot and I can really push myself up:) That could be another TEN day prediction! (maybe:)

I hope everyone enjoyed catching up with me! I'll talk to you again next week:)
Love, Danika