Monday, October 24, 2011

And it's A.....

....Another week here and gone! After trying to upload pictures about 6 different times at home last night, finally at 11pm mom called it quits. So, we are quickly doing it this morning, becaus I know some of you are anxious to read what I've been up to!

This weekend we went to a wedding reception for one of dad's extended cousins. I ate like a champ and of course, dance like a pro:) The only time I got crabby was when mom and dad had to pull me off the dance floor to go home and go to bed WAY past my bedtime!

Hangin' out with Auntie Lori

Anxiously waiting my turn to dance.... 

Its's so much fun! Clappin' to the music:) 

No mom, I don't want to dance with you....I can boogie all by myself! 

Chloe...sure, I'll wiggle with you a little bit, then back to doing my own thing! 

On Sunday we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Spielman's house in Hudson for a get together with the Spielman clan...we celebrated great grandma's 85th birthday and honored grandpa as a veteran-some family went to St. Paul for a reunion for Grandpa, but I was overdue for a nap, so we headed home after the fun festivities!
I had fun playing with my 2nd cousin Reed, although neither of us wanted to sit still with my papa long enough to get a picture!

On the way home, we stopped in Menomonie to visit great grandma Marion, who is still healing from her major bone break in the ankle- She's doing well, but of course it gets kinda lonely by yourself all the time, so we visited and that put a smile on her face:) (ps...sorry great grandma I ate all your cheesy popcorn! It was so yummy though, and it kept me happy:) 

And although I know you love checking in with me each week to see how I'm doing...I know why you are really checking the blog today and it's not about me, but about that baby in mom's belly...
So what do you think...boy or girl?!?!?!

I'm (kinda) happy to announce that I'm having a baby.....

(Don't I look so excited?!?! I kind of am, just not a fan of posing for pictures!) 

Here's a good one of the proud daddy! He loves his girls and is great with us, so I guess it's going to be another daddy's girl! He's already dreading the shopping and teenage years, but let's not rush it:)

Baby Update...20 Weeks
We are half way there! Can you believe it?!?! If the 2nd half of this pregnancy goes anywhere near as fast as the 1st, I've got lots to get ready in not a lot of time! Baby continues to grow and I feel her (fun to say that!:) every day now. The ultrasound showed that she is very healthy (1lb. 9oz already!), and me too, but there was a little concern about my placenta and cervix too close together, so I have to go back for another ultrasound next week, just to double check on how it's doing...the dr. said that it wouldn't cause harm to either of us, it just means that I would have to have a sceduled C-Section, to ensure no complications with the delivery. We'll pray that everything is fine and that a c-section is NOT in our future, but if it is, at least we are both healthy:)

The dreaded belly shot...I figured now that I'm half way I better get one of these taken! It's kind of dark and hard to see, but you get the idea...the belly is growing! 

Have a great week everyone!
Daren and his Dummer girls:)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A glimpse...

Hello All!
This weekend, mom (and I) got a little glimpse at what it would/will be like with more than 1 child! We babysat my friends Anna (4) and Allie (19months...just like me!) from daycare. They came over Friday night after daycare and stayed until Sunday afternoon while their parents went camping. We had a beautiful weekend to go to the park, play sidewalk chalk, go for a walk and be outside...however mom learned in a hurry how challenging it is to go anywhere when you are outnumbered! I can be quite a handful all by myself on most outings, but add another kiddo like me that doesn't want to be put down and she's got her hands full...We even ventured to the store to get a few groceries and artsy stuff to do and she got 'the looks' from people, probably thinking "This lady can barely handle the 3 kids she's got in her cart, and she's having another baby?!?!" :)
In her defense, dad was working all weekend so it was like she was single as far as the 'glimpse' goes, the verdict is still out for sure, but chances are we can probably handle this new baby just fine:) As long as I step it up and become a good helper!
Really though, it was a great weekend and we played well together, minus the few times I DID NOT want to share my toys! Anna was a big helper holding my hand and walking with me when mom just couldn't possibly carry Allie, me, and the baby in her belly! I had lots of fun, and hopefully I even learned how to play nice and share! Those girls are really good at it and hopefully it rubbed off on me:) Of course, no pictures of the 3 of us kiddos...anytime mom tried to snap a picture her phone was the handiest thing and they all turned out blurry, so they aren't even worth uploading-sorry!

Today we had a picnic to celebrate my Granny's birthday (no, I'm not allowed to tell you how old she is:) It was a beautiful day at Carson park and the best part of all was that ALL my cousin's on mom's side of the family were there! That rarely ever happens...the last time was probably Easter! I had lots of fun with them...although boys will be boys and I just don't understand how to play with them sometimes:) The next closest cousin to me in age is Collin, and he's 5. He's a great pal and helper with me!

Me & the birthday gal:)

I had fun throwing around the leaves...

On the Teeter-Totter with Collin 

The whole crew...all 6 of Granny's grandchildren (5 boys and ME!) 

The six grand kiddos again...from oldest to youngest
L to R: Dylan (14), Christian (9), Tyson (8), Cameron (7), Collin (5), Danika (1) 

and of course, boys will be boys...we had to get a silly one (obviously I'm not too sure what's going on, or what exactly I'm supposed to do for this picture?!?!) 

Me and Collin, just hangin' out:) 

Dad has officially started working nights while they are harvesting at work, so he goes in around 3 in the afternoon and doesn't get home until 3 or so in the morning:( So the only time I'll get to see him is for a quick good morning kiss and hug before mom and I are out the door for the day...we pray for good weather and no machinery breaking down, so that it gets done within the next few weeks and I can get my daddy back!

Baby update: 18 Weeks!
Hard to believe that mom is already almost half way done with her pregnancy! She's been feeling much better, just very tired, thanks to me:) She went to the dr. last week and is measuring right where she should be and she also got to hear babys heartbeat again, which is always reassuring. We get to find out if it's a girl or a boy in just a week and a half! Look for some kind of update about that on the blog in a few weeks:)

Well, it's bedtime (for me AND mom after the exhausting weekend...(seriously, a note from mom here...anyone reading this that has 2+ children who are less than 3 years apart, I have a whole new appreciation for you!) Have great week and enjoy the last few days of this Indian Summer before it's back to reality for October which means colder weather, which really means I have to wear socks, which I hate!

Talk to you next week:)
Love, Danika

Monday, October 3, 2011

Off to the Orchard!

Hello All! I have about 3 minutes to do this blog before I have to walk out the door for the morning, so I don't have too many details for you, but lots of pictures (which is really why you're here anyway, right?!?!:) Yesterday we went to the apple orchard and it was a beautiful day! We had a wagon ride and got to pick our own...daddy picked most of the apples and I ate them, while mom took pictures. It was a team effort!

Since the last time we posted a blog, we also celebreate my Grandma Dummer's birthday!
Here I am with cousin Chloe blowing out her candles:)

We also had a HUGE oak tree taken down from our backyard because it was dead...It left a few big holes in the yard, so we had to fill them in with black dirt. I was dad's helper stomping the dirt down. 

The only thing that makes me happy these days when I wake up from a nap is a snack...and what better than a whole bag of chips:) 

On Saturday, we went to my extended cousin Allison's wedding reception. I LOVED the party! I was hanging out with my cousins Chloe, Madeline, and Connor, and when the music started, boy did I have fun shakin' it on the dance floor!

This video (hopefully it works!) is just a glimpse of me, Madeline, and Connor dancing...SO hilarious!

Danika (Daren & Jamie, and baby too!)