Monday, September 23, 2013

Vomit, Fevers, and Coughs...Oh My!

Yes, that's what fun and excitement has been going on at the Dummer household for the last 5 days! Haddie work up Wednesday night and vomited....twice. So Daren stayed home with her Thursday and she continued to get sick....all-day-long. I think they both had about 3-4 clothes changes (never done so many loads of laundry in 5 days!) No fever or much else at that point (aside from a mild cold/cough that she's had for a few weeks). Well, after 3 nurse calls, we almost had to go into the ER to start IV fluids for dehydration...the poor girl couldn't keep down even an ounce of water:(
But the 3rd time was the charm and we switch to 1 tbsp. of water every 5-10 minutes, and she was able to hold that in. I stayed home on Friday and then she started to run a high fever. We again called the doc, they gave us some ideas of how to help her, but didn't really need to see her, since she was having somewhat-wet diapers and keeping some liquid down.
Saturday, I thought she was on the uphill, as she was able to keep more than just water and saltines down...BUT she threw up once in the morning and once at nap time, and again, her fever returned:/
Sunday, pretty much the same story of low appetite, very cranky and unhappy, and that darn fever that I couldn't break.
Last night she woke up coughing and vomiting 4 times, so we knew there was more than just a 'virus' going on here...
Well, Today Daren stayed home in the AM and I came home at lunch time to again stay home with her. Daren took her to urgent care this morning and turns out she has an ear infection, and some symptoms that seem to be possibly the onset of pneumonia:(
Luckily, she's on an antibiotic now so hopefully it really, truly is uphill from here!!!
Long story short, I have 2 pictures that I took this entire week (and only from my phone)
So exhausted and under the weather, that if mom's not going to pick her up, she's just going to stand next to me...well, even that is too exhausting so she decided to rest her head on the toilet seat:)
Poor girl:(

Danika has been a pretty good big sis...she went to daycare on Thursday and Friday, but actually stayed home today because she (and I) have the nasty cold part of what Haddie is dealing with... D has been a little cranky and pretty uncomfortable with her stuffed up nose and cough. She actually vomited on Saturday night too, but I think it was mostly because of her coughing. Let's hope it doesn't get any worse for her!
Hopefully you are having a healthier September than this family! Maybe this means a sickness-free winter and we're getting it out of our system now?!?! One can hope:)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Big 3-0 (round 2!)

Happy Blogging Day!
Here's my quick Sunday recap of the week...
The big event of the week was Daren's birthday on Thursday. Last Sunday we started his 'birthday week' with 30 gifts for him to open throughout the week...They ranged from just little notes, candy, lottery tickets, and worked up to his actual gift.
Of course he had a little help!
On Thursday he finally made it to item #30 and even though he won't love having this picture on the blog, I had to share:)  
He's been wanting this Clay Matthews pictures for our basement for a LONG time... I've never been too crazy about it because I don't really want my calm, simple space turned into a sports bar! Well, it's taken me a few years, but I have finally reconsidered:/ Of course now, the autographed Brett Favre pictures will probably have to get dusted off and make their way out of the closet (it's been enough time to re-like him again, right?!?!) So next time you visit the Dummer house, you just may enter Packer central in our basement!
All of it aside, Daren is worth it and deserves it. I usually get the majority say of what I want (or mostly don't want) in the house for d├ęcor and color schemes, etc... so I suppose it's only fair!
...and Lynn said it best....I'd MUCH rather have a Clay canvas in my basement instead of a Deer Head! (IF he ever gets a buck that will be a garage item- end of discussion:)
After the amazing red velvet cake he made for my birthday, I returned the favor and made him a chocolate bundt cake.
Big D, little D, and H-Bomb ready to sing "Happy Birthday"! 
Love this stinker...she is such a ham for the camera these days!
We also celebrated his birthday with the whole Dummer family at the farm, as well as Lynn's upcoming birthday...
Fun times, good food, and of course some cousin love:)
My fave picture of the 'big' kids!
 (Sorry Miles & Haddie, maybe next time you'll make the cut!)

Our little climber is into, or on EVERYTHING!


Well, there you have it. A week full of birthday fun!
We are somewhat getting back into the swing of things and have the hang of our early mornings and short nights together...makes me appreciate the weekends together that much more:)
Off to bed now to make an attempt at getting rested up for the week ahead with 22 crazy kindies!
The Dummers

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last Hurrah!

Back to school means craziness! It's been a week of adjustment at our house....Not only am I back at work, but Daren had long days so I was on my own with the girls. They are doing pretty well easing back into daycare, but they are definitely more tired and grumpy for their mama when they come home...and I am equally as tired (and probably grumpy) at them. I sure do miss them during the day though, so we make the best of what little time we have together these days.
This weekend we went to Birchwood with some friends for a last summer getaway. We rented a family friend's cabin and enjoyed our weekend of relaxing, fishing, and boating.
Because of the week we had, I have zero pictures from the week, but did manage to snap a few pics of our weekend on my phone, so that's what you get this week!
The fish were really biting and the boys caught a couple good ones, so Daren decided to filet a few for our supper

Painting fun! 
Watching their daddies 

We're barely awake, but we're ready to fish! 

She caught one! 

Last weekend the girls and I ventured to Phoenix park, in hopes of taking some somewhat decent pictures myself...I've loved all the professional ones we've had done, but they are not cheap! So, I decided to see what my camera could do...we didn't get anything great, but it was a fun adventure! Hopefully I'll edit a few and maybe they'll look OK(in all my spare time)

Love this one! Not a great face D, but a cute high five for the dog statue:) 

Alright peeps, this girl is tired! That's all you get! Have a great week:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Short, Sweet, and Jam-Packed...

Seriously, is it really September? Wow. Where did Summer go? I'm happy to report we continued to cram in as much fun as we could these last few weeks. I'm sad to report that tomorrow life returns to 'normal' as the girls head to daycare and I go back to work...I worked last week, but not full time and the girls were here and there. It's always such a bittersweet time of year for me. I do get very excited about starting a new school year and the potential effects I can have on all the new students I get to spend more time with than my own children the next 10 months...however, that's the hard part too, spending more time with my kindergartners than my own children:/ When we are in our school routine I wake them up, get them dressed, shove them out the door....then pick them up, feed them supper, baths and bed. Bottom line, I miss my OWN kids!
Part time work would be a great gig... still an outlet for myself, but more time with my girls too. BUT, my house, car van (we'll get to that in a minute!) clothes, etc... won't pay for themselves, so off to work I go. I know, those of you that work 12 months EVERY year aren't feeling any sympathy for me here and are thinking "at least you get your summer's off!" and I agree, that is a great benefit of my career- but it does make it harder to go back too!
So about that 'V' word...van. Yay, we got one. Do you hear the excitement in my typing voice? In all honesty, it took some major convincing to get me to agree to even looking at a van (yes, Daren was on board WAY before me:), but once we test drove them and tried the car seats in it, it was kind of a no-brainer...I had to put ease and practicality (and oh yeah, price!) ahead of my dislike and stigma that comes along with being a mini-van owner...and I have to say I LOVE it! The gas mileage is not much worse than the Malibu, believe it or not, and I still have a few perks and amenities I had a hard time giving up. So instead of saying I own a 'van' we like to call it the "swagger wagon" thanks to the folks at Toyota for the idea. We actually did not get a Toyota, we got a Honda Odyssey, but props to the Toyota Peeps for created this hilarious commercial/videos a few years ago...It really brought a whole new appreciation for the 'swagger wagon' and helped make it a little easier to take the plunge!
Here's the link to the video- it's hil-ar-ious!
Goodbye Malibu...Hello Odyssey
The 'old' lady now has an age appropriate vehicle:) 
I did lots of racing this month and it's really been the 1st time the whole family has come to support, so it was great having them cheer me on!
My little bell ringers in their PJ's as I'm getting ready for my half marathon in Madison...

13.1 Miles later....
Danika also did a kid's fun run and earned a medal too! 


After the Buckshot 5 mile this weekend...These 2 have spent lots of stroller time waiting for me:) It's meant a lot to have them there though, so an extra thanks to my hubby for entertaining them!

After my Madison race we headed for a weekend in the Dells with my mom, sister, and nephews. We had a great time and both girls LOVED the water! 
Getting sunscreen ready...tribal style:) 
Danika's FAVORITE water slide. Daren, I, or a lifeguard caught her and she did this slide over, and over, and OVER again!

In our condo there was a hot tub pretty much right in the living room and my nephew Collin and Danika kept themselves entertained in there...They'd sing, put on shows, lay down their blankets, play with stuffed animals, etc...

My helper 
Best part of the trip:) Story time with Aunt Mimi/Mom:) We didn't have much for books, so good ol' technology and the ipad came in handy!
...and just like most things end for our family, with a nap for these 3!
Gotta love the 'swagger wagon' so dad can fit in between them:) 
Oh yay, I had a birthday...a dirty one:/ I know it's just a number and I never thought it would bother me that much, but maybe it was the van and 30 all within the same month!
Daren and the girls spoiled me with flowers, and an UH-MAZING red velvet cake. From scratch. Frosting too! I know, he's husband of the year material!

We also ventured to the Minnesota State Fair. I'm sure I'm going to sound quite selfish here, but I totally miss my kid-free fair days! It was tiring exhausting with the kids, and we didn't even get to do all the fun kid stuff! But Danika did enjoy herself...Haddie, probably not so much, but we just kept feeding her and she was content:)
Ferris Wheel with dad...despite her face, she loved it:)

Happy and clean... 
and not so much...She loved the cookies, but like her mama, she HATES messy food!

We even caught a few minutes of a high school rodeo taking place in the coliseum. Danika liked watching the bull riding! 
The Fair isn't complete without the super slide!

Some other random funness from our month...
Danika earned a new activity and she chose this floor puzzle...she loves this thing and can just about do the whole thing without our help!
My ice cream girls:) 
Even thought the 1st and last time we took the boat out this summer, Haddie broke her leg, we decided it was completely unrelated and we should probably take it out again before summer is over.....errrr, wait, it is over:/ Good thing we snuck out on Sunday! The weather wasn't scorching, but it was a nice, cool evening for a ride. Danika and I even jumped in and swam a bit. Granny got to come along too!

Future Driver...YIKES!!
A favorite moment of the month:) Papa reading to Danika!

Well... off I go, now at 11:07pm to prepare for my kindies who will be walking in the door bright and early tomorrow morning! Wish us all luck that we survive this week getting back to our new normal:/
To all my teacher of luck on a great, rewarding, school year
To all my mommy friends sending their babies off to school, I promise, we'll take good care of them and they'll be O.K. sooner than you will be :)
J and the Fam