Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time Flies!

Has it REALLY been 2 months? How can it be that winter seems as though it has gone on and yet 2 months have quickly slipped by?!? As the Sunday's kept happening I kept thinking about blogging....and then the thought went away and I didn't:/
So anyway, I'm here. We're good. Let's get on with it....
We've had a lot to celebrate lately, as both girls have had birthdays!
Oldest first, Ms. Danika Jolee turned 4 on February 14th!
This girl puts the "queen" in drama queen. She has a heart of gold, but the definite sassiness of an independent soul. She LOVES: Her blankie, her daddy (and even her mom and sister a bit these days;), drawing and anything arts and craftsy, FROZEN music and movie, mac 'n cheese, dancing and singing, and her latest and greatest is playing pretend. She always has enjoyed it, but lordy does she have a wild imagination these days! I'm always asking "how did you think of that?" or "Do you pretend that at daycare?". Some days she's a doctor, others a restaurant chef or a princess. Whatever she is, she puts her whole self into character and expects nothing less from mom and dad when participating too:) Lately she's had a few imaginary friends. It brings back wild memories of myself as a kid. I had 3. No joke, they were my BFF's! Friend, Jenny, and Cousin. (Real original names, right?) Well, Danika has Azul and Rojo. (Yep, Spanish colors:) Thanks, Dora)
Everyone says it and I'm sure I've said it many times already, but time goes SO fast. How did my little 6 pound peanut turn into this amazing soul? Makes me sad, proud, happy and emotional all the same!

Seriously, growing TOO fast! 
Our arts and crafts gal... 
Gotta love rainbows and flowers:) Her current drawing obsession

And now, onto Ms. Hadster...
Haddie Grace celebrated her 2nd birthday last Sunday, March 16th.
If Danika is a drama queen, then Haddie is a firecracker!
Haddie has MUCH more extreme emotions, but it's usually a quick explosion and it's done and she's over it and onto the next thing. She is much more fearless, but also more of my cuddler and snugglebug too.
...and she's quite mischievous!
(Notice the cute, innocent smiley face peeking through the bed that she colored ALL over with black crayon! Disclaimer: Dad was in charge this night:)
...and she's quite content chillin' out on the TOP of her crib

There are some many times this girl is lucky she is so stinkin' cute!
Haddie LOVES: Her babies, smiling, eating, reading books, talking NON stop and doing pretty much whatever her big sis does! She does NOT like being told "no"!
Some of my absolute favorite things she says right now:
"It's special to me!"
"Kaka" for Danika
"SEE you mommy!" (when she wants up or on my lap)

Other than birthday celebrations, we've been trying to enjoy this horrid winter as much as it is actually possible. When the weather got above zero, we headed outdoors!
Danika came with me to an evening skating party hosted at my school and she got to try to ice skating! She wasn't so sure about it at first, (didn't help the ice skates were a bit big!) Eventually she got somewhat comfortable and enjoyed long as she was holding on to something or someone...
Dad braved the weather with the girls and made a sort of snow fort 

and finally, I think I'm caught up to this week! It was my Spring break so the girls and I had fun at home together, and venturing out to the library, children's museum, and open gym gymnastics. We even brought dad lunch one day and managed to have 1 afternoon (out of 9!) that were warm enough to get outside and do chalk and bikes! I think (fingers crossed) that Spring with be here sooner than later!

Below is a video of Danika trying out her new Pink-a-liscious bike that Santa brought for the 1st time outside! It's not too exciting, but it's pretty cute when she turns around and gets going... you can see and hear Haddie in the background cheering for her saying "Yeah, Danika...You can do it!" LOVE them!
Happy almost Spring!
The Dummer Crew

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