Sunday, March 30, 2014

Signs of Spring? Hopefully!

Happy, beautiful Sunday!
Here's a glimpse at what we were up to...
We ventured to Govin's lambing barn on Saturday with Auntie Lori and Miles.
It was a nice sunny day, so of course everyone had the same idea as us, and it was CrAzY with people!

Miles LOVED the animals:)

Haddie on the other hand- did NOT care to touch, much less hold any animals!

Danika also got a pony ride- wasn't nearly as fun as the ride 2 years ago when we came though! They had larger horses that she rode and they would wonder in a field for about 5-10 minutes! Now, it's bit more of a 'county fair' set up with the miniature ponies hooked to a chain for 2 minutes:/ And I think it was double priced! BUT Danika still enjoyed it... so happy kid, happy life!

She's been working on a reward chart and she choose Coldstone when she earned her 5 stickers this week...She surprised me by veering away from her usual pink/strawberry ice cream and went with the tangerine sherbet with sprinkles:)

We finished off the week with good times with good friends... the kiddos watched Frozen upstairs and the grownups got the basement space for the Badger game!

Way to go Big Red...Final 4 here we come:)
We hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as we did today!
It's really a mood changer to open the windows and play outside:) We all were a little bit happier and refreshed!
The Dummers

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