Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunny Blessings

We spent the last few weeks the girls have been doing what they do best...
Danika, my artist is always coloring...
and Haddie is always eating:)

or "reading" books (every. single. one.)

Danika had a play date with a great, long lost friend come for a visit. Allie used to go to daycare with Danika from the time they were a few months old until last Summer when they moved to Minnesota. They had SO much fun together!

And mid-Allie visit, Haddie lost her spunk and threw up her lunch. I thought it was maybe a fluke, as she's been known to lose her lunch and be fine (weird, I know) BUT, as we were packed and ready to go for an overnight adventure to visit Mike, Lori and Miles, she threw up ALL over her carseat. (Major sad face- for her, for moms hands that tried to catch it, and for her car seat that dad had to clean:/)
So for two full days and nights, my poor little spitfire, had not an ounce of happiness or spunk in her, and was vomiting non-stop. I felt so helpless, especially when she'd say "No puke, no puke Mommy!" as she was about to vomit:(
Poor Girl.
I had to take a day off work to stay home with her and other than going to the doctor and pharmacy, this was my view the whole day... 

...BUT, have no fear, She made a good turn around mid-week and is back to her happy self ! 
(well, for the most part...still a bit of a diva at times when she doesn't get her way, but I'm thinking that's not going away anytime soon, as we're just approaching the terrible twos and still have the horrible three's to come!)
Since we all had off school on Friday, Danika's been wanting Chloe to come over, so they had a sleepover at our house. It was fun for all 3 girls and to my amazement, Danika was brave and actually slept the whole night in the basement bed with Chloe!
Saturday AM it was off to the farm for Easter fun. We had a great lunch, egg hunt, and cousin time:)
The kids listening to the directions from Grandma Lynn before they dash outside to find eggs (they look thrilled to have to wait, right?!?!)

The cousin crew... 
I stuck with Haddie to find eggs and Daren went with Danika
Haddie was fun to watch this excited to find the eggs, just like the big kids:) 

Sunday Morning came and it was time to find Easter baskets! 
Hadster, diving right into her new chapstick and shades from the Easter bunny!

*Can you believe I didn't get one good family or girls picture in their Easter dresses? I think Auntie Lisa or Lori will have one to share, so eventually, maybe that will come:) Bad mama!
Enjoying more family time on this beautiful afternoon 

We are so grateful for our many blessings and of course remember them with thanks especially on Easter, and everyday.
We hope you had a blessed day too!
The Dummers

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